Monday, August 07, 2006

Who Shakespeare, what Othello...its all about Vishal's vision.

At last, got to see Omkara, though we were returned back by 'Omkara sold out' sign
on Tuesday, but not this Sunday.

hmm something was missing but something was captivating, and on second thoughts it was lil more on captivating side.
Some of the scenes were sheer genius, one title-song in background of a fight sequence and obviously the last scene. Those were enough to set Vishal miles apart from other directors.

Anyone who has seen UP villages, village houses, and marriage ceremonies can instantly recognize the depth of research done by Vishal n his team.

Time to time he has come up with timeless melodies like in Satya (remember baadalon ko kaat kaat kar...) or Chaai chaapa chaai in Hu tu tu, and not to talk about Maqbool, and of course my favorite 'Macchis'.

Music of Omkara is not the kind which gives instant kick but is kind of that grows on you after every another hearing; and after watching movie reaches a different level altogether.
Each one of them is a gem, and reinforces the belief that after RD only Vishal can do justice with Gulzar's wizardary.

--- After a long time I liked Konkana's performance, otherwise to me she looks n acts same in her all movies.
--- Saif was good but his voice refused to match with the character at times.
--- And most natural performer was Bipasha, she was playing herself ;-)

Everything about it is good: - plot, acting, music, direction etc but unfortunately movie is not going to do as good at box office as it deserves to.

I'm sure everyone will like it and I'm also sure coz' of liberal dose of swearing and profanities will not go again to watch it with 'family' :-)