Monday, November 12, 2007


1) First thing first, I don't know why they named it 'Saawariya', just coz' Rani called the hero by this name.....or may be they wrote lyrics before deciding the name.
They should've called it something 'Sapnon ka Shaher' or '3 raat ka intezaar', or "Iss Shaher mein Subah nahi"..... Or 'Gray'...or 'Blue'.

2) Heroine (Sounds weird no? :-)) -- Add lots of Sonali Bendre + a bit of Soha Ali + small traces of Suchitra Krishnamurthy = Sonam Kapoor......looks Jhaakas when filmed at certain angles ;-)

3) Hero -- Add younger version of Sanjay Dutt(of Rocky/Naam etc) + a bit of Sonu Nigam + lots of Neetu Singh (minus Rishi Kapoor if any) = Ranbir Kapoor.

4) Yes, though right at the begining SLB warns that it is based in a 'Khwwabon ka Shaher' that shaher looked much weird even by standards of dreams.

5) After HDDCS and Devdas, I thought SLB have some side-business of 'Curtains/Painted-glasses/fancy light-works (with specialization in Chandeliers), and after this movie seems that he has added 'Carpets' to his repertoire.

6) Don't know whether SLB was launching new actors or he was more interested in launching a new music director, damn, there were more songs than dialogues. I really felt bad for new actors; they were not bad but also not noticeable either.

7) Songs never contributed in narration, were out of sync with whole setting, and choreography in that 'Eid' song was so funny , dunno if that was intentional.

All songs sounded like they're sung with only 'back-ground' music, except 'Maasha-Allah' one.

8) And Sallu miyan was total miscast, is he turning into Pedophile or something? I guess someone like Sanjay Suri would have looked more creditable.

9) I'm still undecided, was that a drama/romance/comedy or nothing. I felt as if I've watched a musical play, played in some unbelievable sets.

10) Err, thats sums up my review, and about story I don't know if there was any, to me it would have suited more as TV show, something on lines of 'Darpan'/'Katha-Saagar'/'Chekov-Ki-Amar-Kahaniya' or more recent ones 'Gubbare' or 'Star Best Seller types'. All done under 1 hour.

Well, with all said, nothing wrong in making such movie, but now this will only help in making other pathetic movie by pathetic director a big hit.