Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crazy or what?

Lara commited the biggent crime and took the final powerplay from 44 to 49 over, plus when Gibbs and de Villiars were well set, and later Boucher joined-in and they scored 77 in 5 overs.
Seems that WI and England are hell-bent to help SA qualify for semis despite their zero-carryover points and loss to B'desh.

Seriously, w/o India-Pak, this WC which was tipped to be most exciting or balanced, has turned out to be most boring in the history.

Except for 2 SL games, all matches are either 7 wickets or like 100 victories!

I don't know why English management is continuing with Vaughan, he is soo boring, he is not even 1% of what he was before his knee injury. Whatever, he never fitted for ODI formats, he is made for Test-matches only he should realize that and step-down, or take retirment from ODIs.

To me they look the most dis-jointed squad in this world cup,
it is hard to believe that it is the same squad which regained ashes in style, and later surrendered it in most embarrassing way.

In this WC, their problem starts from the top, both openers(Vaughan and Joyce) are worst than local club players, and that puts huge pressure on Bell/Pieterson/Collingwood.
Only its matter of time, overburden will start showing, which already has started to show its sign on Collingwood.

And another major factor in deterioration is their policy if selecting captains post-ashes, after Vaughan's injury they ignored ‘forever-vice captain’ Treschothik and appointed Strauss as captain, result - Treschothick lost interest in game, and withdrew himself.
Then they made Flintoff as captain, result Strauss's confidence and batting form bore the brunt.
And then again, re-appointment of cleary visible injured Vaughan resulted in loss of form of Flintoff.

First injuries to Simon Jones, Hoggard, Harmison and then their stupid policies in appointing captains has destroyed a well-balanced team.