Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Jelly beans, wtf and surprisingly nobody is making an issue out of it, to me its big issue something as big as ball tampering. Dravid or Borde must lodge their protest about it

What if, a ball pitched on one, would have gone anywhere, and that’s dangerous play and the way Tremlett bowls there was a fair possibility.

Anyways, in end 'Team' managed to win that too without a coach that should settle the debate about coaches.


Dil mein kuch jaltaa hai, shaayad dhuaan dhuaan saa lagata hai
Ankh mein kuch chubhata hai, shaayad sapana koi sulagataa hai

Dil ko foonko aur itna foonko, dard nikal jaaye
Zindagi sulgaao yaaro, gam nikal jaaye