Thursday, December 02, 2004


"She stood out among the group of hostel-girls, she came out of curiosity about her new class mates, sparkle on her face clearly depicted that. Everybody was dressed normally for the very first time, I mean dressed normally after wearing funny clothes during month-long ragging. She too was nicely dressed but most striking feature was her nose-pin. She was completely self-conscious; conscious of her looks, her words and the impression she was making on rest of us. Evidently she considered herself pretty and yes, rightly so. She gave an impression of an ambitious girl, her over-confidence was bordering on whiff of arrogance……….. I found her vulnerable."

First impression can't go more wrong than this.


  • She uses horn more than brake while driving; seems to have some basic problem abt the role of two.
  • The second best thing I like about her is her ability to make people at ease.
  • She is an excellent listener (did i say of her own voice, kidding).
  • She wore a red colour pullover on her B'day in 1996.
  • I hated her for making fun of me in front of everybody by making me dance to the song 'Yaara O' yaar..milna hamara..'
  • Once I passed her a chit during "Ramus" lecture .."Yeh zulf itne haseen kaise?" and she shot back "Mom gifted"
  • She is a permanent resident in my book of people I truly admire. thing..of course her nose-pin.

Once she sang her heart out..."Chain se hum ko kabhee, aap ne jeene naa diyaa...." and ended up leaving lot many hearts "be-chain"..forever for a long time.

Dear Ginny, I might be on leave tomorrow, so here are the wishes two days early.