Thursday, March 30, 2006

congratulationssss to Amit and Neelima...wait wait those two people are totally unrelated and those wishes to them are for two totally unrelated achievements :-)

hmm this sounds interesting to me.....or how abt this ...wat say?

Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored and more bored I'm j u s t PLAIN b o r e d.

In Mumbai, in first inning we were 147/5, and Dhoni's patient 64 brought some respect to the total, and in second inning he couldn't repeat.
In Delhi ODI, we were again 142/7, then Harbhajan's knock helped to get pass 200.Earlier also in many matches in Pakistan, lower-order (Dhoni/Pathan/Kumble) batted well and saved the game.
There is something seriously wrong with the top-order here, but surprisingly where is the bench strength???

In bowling dept, there is healthy competition , guys like

VRV Singh
are fighting for place against Sreesanth/RP Singh/Munaf.

And there are guys who were treated as tourists but never given proper chance to prove their worth
SS Paul
Joginder Sharma
Gagandeep Singh
Amit Bhandhari
Iqbal Siddique etc. (Well, this topic deserves another post on it only :-)

But question remains where is the batting bench-strength????
where are the reserve batsmen??
Venugopal Rao??

or Mongia/Badani who both are in in their late twenties.
Well, name of Mongia/Badani reminds me of many other guys who suffered coz of 'including Captain Ganguly' in team.

List is endless....
J P Yadav
Bangar etc.