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Monday, July 08, 2013

Movie Review : Lootera

1)  Extremely well made movie, one can sense the pains director and his team took to maintain the look and feel of the movie.

2) It was filled with excitement 'built-up-scenes' but they never resulted in an explosion or ‘release’, rather after hitting the peak, instead of blast, taking it to another level, director decided to take couple steps backward, e.g. when father-daughter find out Nandu’s reality, instead of explosion there was ‘intermission', making one feel cheated , or when  Nandu ends up at Pakhi’s guest house, they still mumble jumble about murders and stuff so casually, that killed the whole momentum built by prior chase-scene.

3) Low on entertainment quotient. 

4) I think they should have added captions to certain scenes, you may call it force-feed the viewers but still I think adding captions in opening scene like 1955 Manekpur, Bengal , or in scene after interval like 1958 Dalhousie, HP. That would have helped viewer to absorb the settings better.

5) Lyrics/Music/Vocals were absolutely stunning, and background music was brilliant, it was so minimal and effective.

6) Dialogues – Very nicely done, no over-top-bhaari-bharkam dialogue baazi, and better were the pauses between the words, in fact pauses were much more powerful and added meaning to words.

7) Acting wise – I think both lead actors missed something; they simply couldn’t leave their modern-chic mannerism, which was a letdown. They were good in patches but overall average; they lacked the conviction of love-tales of 50s/60s. Supporting cast was minimal, Vikram Massey was good, Sonakshi’s best friend had just one scene, but Zameendaar sahab was fabulous.

Overall, a solid 3 star movie.

Rule# 67

67) Work hard, Nap hard.

Rule# 66

66) Whenever you really enjoyed watching a movie or finishing a great book, then take a day off to relish it.