Thursday, August 26, 2004

Songs that touched something deep inside me.

Well, initially I started to list down my favorite top-ten sad songs, but thats pretty tough to pick out just ten that too in any just noted down as I recall them in random order.....

1) Tere bina zindagi se koi.....

2) Badi sooni sooni hai.

3) Koi humdam na raha...koi sahara na rahaa...

4) Din dhal jayee hai...raat na jaaye.

5) Kahi door jab din dhal jaye.

6) Koi hota jisko apna

7) Kya se kya ho gaye...bewaafaaa....

8) Manzilien apni jagah hai ..raastey apni jagahh...

9) Mera jeewan ..kora kagaaz kora hi reh gayaa....

10) Dil aisaa kisi ne mera toda....

11) Kabhi khud pe kabhi haalat pe...

12) Dost dost na raha

13) Sagaar kinaree

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Lafzz kagaaz par baith tey hi nahi....
udd tey phir tey hai titliyon ki tarah!

Things that make.....

Things that make your day
When someone who’s 500 kms away calls in the middle of the day and says "huuhh".

Things that make a difference
Knowing that there’s someone who’s 500 kms cares.

Things that make you smile
When someone who’s 500 kms away calls in the middle of the day and says "huuhh".

Things that make you sad
When someone who’s 500 kms away doesn't calls.

Things that make you sleepy
When someone who’s 500 kms away ...oops....,
People who love to hear their own voice.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Two lines.

Yaad aane waale kyu...bhool jaatey hai
Bhool jaane waale kyu...yaad aatey hai.


Go to

Now type the following text and hit "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Type "Miserable failure"
Type "bastards"
Type "Weapon of mass destruction"

check out the result :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rohtak...the place that transformed me for life...for better.

About the place :: Rohtak.

Rohtak is a town in Haryana, is approx. 70 kms far from north-west Delhi. Well, it got its name from some King Rohtas who ruled it in ancient times, another theory says it got its name from some "Roherra" trees, whatever, its famous for delicious rewari and gazaak made there and exported throughout world(thats what those shop's boards claim)

This place also holds a mention in I'm getting bored writing about the place.

In plain simple words, its a small not-so nice town located in Haryana, can be said political as well as educational capital of Haryana and in the more simpler words, this is the place from where I did my post-graduation (good 2 and half years of unadulterated fun and enlightenment).

Best part of the town is the University Campus.

About the University Campus:: ( Assuming one boards a state transport bus from Delhi ) Get down at University bye-pass that's a T-point actually, look at the east of arm of the T, ahhhh... here it is.....the Maharshi Dayanand University, you can see a gamut of buildings. Ignore the shared-autowaalahs who will literally force u to board their autos and will promise to take u to all, or even non-existent locations, Now since u can seen the buildings so better start walking in that direction, on walking ard 150 metres, there's a gate on the left hand-side, its called Gate no.2, enter through this gate, though usually it remains closed if u r lucky enough u can get the adjacent smaller gate open use that and if both of them are closed, look out for the broken iron-grill on the boundary on the left of the smaller gate....yess that's place to get inside the university..just use this passage...jump inside.

Wow, take a deep breath and move in the direction of University library out from landing your foot into insects and animal/human waste. B-(

University Library building:: The 3 storied building was without any doubt was the best in the university campus. It was a multi-purpose library, a place where conspiracy were hatched, glances were exchanged, followed by stupid greeting was more of a meeting place where you can actually sit and talk :-)

I'm tempted to write more about the building in the minutest of details but I won't coz' there lies the danger of me getting asleep. So I won't.

Just outside, on the right side was the second best place of the campus, called Satnam ka Dhaba aka SKD, we used to spend more time there than at our department, if someone from Mars observed us, he/she surely would have thought of this as our department and our department as SKD. Owner was a sardarji with a "forever worried" look on his face, we used to eat almost all available eatables there and drink tea, tea and tea. Tea and samosas were our favorites as they were the cheapest.

Since I was from college which was heart of the north-campus, always bustling with activities, with 12 months long festive look, and my new campus was totally opposite, calm, life moving at leisurely pace, no traffic, no hustle bustle...just calm, all departments surrounded with huge empty maidaans of size the of football field, occasionally one can spot some rare birds there. I instantly took liking for the place. I had always longed for such calm places where life moved at my pace.

Our Department:: It was on the first floor, sandwiched between second and ground floors occupied by MBA department, of the IMSAR building. On one part of the floor were two class-rooms (large enough to accommodate 30 students), and one not so badly equipped lab. On the other part were 1 huge lecture theatre(shared one), rooms for the faculty and the administration office. And in between was a long compound from there we used to ogle at the girls of MBA deptt.

People who made the place the extra-special were my classmates, they were the most amazing and incredible people I've ever came across in my life. This site will run out of server space if I even try to write about them.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

All about me.

1) I'm lazy.
2) I get bored very easily and very often.
3) I started to write blog just to kill boredom and its a matter of time I'll get bored of this soon.
4) I hate chain mails.
5) My mom thinks I'm finicky about food but I'm not..But I can eat anything that moves and tastes good.
6) I love my titan black dial watch; I have been wearing this since past 14 years.
7) I can sleep for 40hrs at a stretch.
8) I'm a sports freak and a cricket fanatic.
9) I had my first crush when I was in 9th standard.
10) Even today I like girls with glasses.
11) I'm 5'9”..May be bit more.
12) I hate wearing shoes.
13) Again..I'm lazy.
14) I don't like gadgets and sci-fi.
15) I like to sing but people around me don't like to hear.
16) I love kids.... less than age of
my nephew :-)
17) I'll always love him like this.
18) I have many close friends.
19) Sometimes I feel fiercely lonely in crowded places/parties.
20) I cry.
21) Breakfasts r my favorite meal.but hardly get time for it.
22) I don't like to drive very fast.
23) I'm too secretive about certain aspects of my life.
24) I try not to lie. I keep them to minimum.
25) I adore my dad.
26) I'm a night person. Can stay awake whole night doing nothing without complaining.
27) I can be unbelievably rude. And I hate myself for this.
28) My favorite color is white.
29) I'm funny.
30) I do over-analysis of almost everything.
31) One song or another is always playing in my mind (with music off course).
32) I feel 24hrs in a day are too less, there should be atleast 30hrs in a day.
33) I suffer from stage fright. I shake like a leaf whenever required to speak in front of large audience.
34) I take time to open up.
35) I can make people comfortable.
36) I can make people uncomfortable.
37) Like all Geminis , I feel I'm always misunderstood, and I feel its always better to be less understood than misunderstood.
38) I love my friends but I make them feel the opposite.
39) I can irritate people to death.
40) Once I had strong fascination about death.
41) On Saturdays and Sundays I eat only one meal.
42) My friends say I have sarcastic sense of humor. And I think they are right.
43) I'm always full of ideas, forever waiting for implementation.
44) Sometimes I do not feel like going back to home. Sometimes I do not feel like leaving my home.
45) I can drink gallons of coke in day.
46) I like the garlic bread at pizza hut.
47) I always eat onion uttapam whenever I visit south-indian restaurants.
48) Baazecha-e-atfal hai duniya mere aagey.
49) I enjoy my morning tea with atleast two newspapers.
50) Once I used to drink 20 cups in a day but now not more than two.
51) I call myself "Ex-internet user".
52) I'm bad at telling jokes. I screw up the punch lines out of excitement.
53) I've watched more movies outside Delhi.
54) Last one I saw in Delhi was Kal ho na ho on 29th Nov.2003.
55) I made my second train journey after 20 yrs of first.
56) I always have some pending card or phone bills coz of one reason...laziness.
57) My almirahs, drawers are always in great mess. I do not throw away things easily.
58) I do not like using walkman.
59) I hate getting out while playing cricket (specially clean-bowled and run-out).
60) I like Gulzar's work, literary and film-making both.
61) I love winters and fog.
62) I hate dogs and stuffed toys.
63) I don't talk much but I sing a lot.
64) I'm bad in managing money and time.
65) I rarely shop for myself.
66) I'm forever confused about my shoe size, 7 is bit tight and 8 is bit loose.
67) I don't like noisy and crowded places.
68) I like girls with loooong hair and no make-up looks.
69) I cannot imagine myself being married.
70) I do not have any grandparents alive.
71) I make wonderful tea and mind-blowing maggi.
72) My all time favorite song is "Kisi ki muskaraton pe ho nisar...." from film Anari.
73) I hate people who throw all sort of crap (plastic bottles, poly bags, even toffee wrappers) on the roads and crib when roads get clogged in monsoon.
74) I hate people who waste heaps of food and show concern about starvation deaths in Orissa or MP.
75) Politics and religion are not my subjects.
76) I do not listen to music.
77) I always wear gray color undies.
78) I have more red moles on my body than black.
79) I do not drink or choice.
80) Sunil Gavaskar is my all-time favorite sportsperson.
81) I wish to own a SUV, Honda CRV to be precise.
82) I always eat my dinner alone.
83) I've never been stung by a bee.
84) I hate punjabi music.
85) I was suspended thrice from school within a year.
86) I hate my self for hurting people consciously or unconsciously.
87) I feel like a stranger in office even after spending more than a year here.

88) Bungee jumped.
89) I hate washing clothes but I'm good at washing dishes.
90) Mosquitos love the way I taste.
91) I once had a pet tortoise.
92) I used to become very attached to people. hmm I till do.
93) I tend to postpone under the belief that I perfom better under-pressure.

Friday, August 13, 2004


Ishq mein Gairat-e-jazbaat ne rone na diyaa
varnaa kyaa baat thii kis baat ne rone na diiyaa

aap kahate the ke rone se na badaleinge nasiib
umr bhar aap kii is baat ne rone na diiyaa

ronevaalon se kah do un kaa bhii ronaa rolen
jin ko majabuuri-e-haalaat ne rone na diiyaa

tujh se milakar hamein ronaa thaa bahut ronaa thaa
tangi-e-vaqt-e-mulaaqaat ne rone na diiyaa

ek do roz kaa sadamaa ho to ro le 'Faakir'
ham ko har roz ke sadamaat ne rone na diiyaa

-- by Sudarshan Faakir.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thi Chashnee Si Har Uski Baat.......

Title says all :-)
hmmmm..will elaborate some other day...not today :-)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

College and Kamla Nagar.

Dunno, why I'm writing all this..just recalling my college days......just like intention of being heard.

First day college was as eventful as weather report on DD news.
Nobody took notice of me, I was wandering here n there....without knowing where to go/hide, well nothing happened..just noted down the timetable and came back home. Totally disillusioned.

Next day, went straight to the classroom, there I met my classmates....we were 7 guys and 9 girls, 16 in all. and by the time we passed out, we were reduced to 5 guys n 9 girls. 2 guys dropped out after first year.....second day was also dead boring, nothing much happened, we attended different classes boring teachers came and asked our name number hobbies etc....not much ragging happened in subsequent days barring some weird dance show or odd song recital (all their moves backfired)

Well, since having spent all my life in a boys school, so short-skirts (no not minis, just above knee length types) and even presence of girls was bit awkward for me, I was too shy to even look at the girls, forget about talking to them. After a while, got used to them...(read got used to ignore them)

And my lack of social skill helped me made 3 new friends there...Manoj, Vikas and Sushil, we 4 formed "Da BoyZ" group, though these guys studied in co-ed school but they were much more shy than me. And till the end of graduation we never interacted much with the "Da GirlZ" group.

Our daily routine was, straightway going to hostel, having the breakfast of the lunch we brought from home, attending classes if any, again going back to the hostel, then roaming in the kamla nagar....relishing chacha's chole-bhature and shakes at the nearby shakes shop. so full bindaas masti in 13 Rs. flat. This remained our routine all three years spent in the university. Manoj,Vikas and Sushil they all are really studious types..and I was totally opposite, no infact was as boring types with no thrills n frills.

We guys hanged around the gate of St.Stephen's eating bhel-puri , drinking nimbu lemon and passing our "mature" views about the girls. Fun part was, we all l inked each-other with some girl or another and cooked up hell lot of stories :-)) , waise Manoj was senti about Divya hahahahha, even today after 10 years her name makes his face red , and Vikas was bit too much involved with himself..his image,impression etc etc though he always tried to link himself with almost all girls of our class but we never trusted him ..and rightly so, in first year he was after Jagpreet and in the second year he tried to befriend Vandana and in the final he made valiant attempt to woo Ruchi but he backtracked after meeting her body-builder type boy friend :-)) , Vikas yaar, waise 1 baat boolooon ..tera kuch nahi ho sakta :-)) :-))

I'm not going to write about Sushil, the sensitive guy, he was bit too much involved with a girl and ended up on the wrong side. No I'm not going to write about this.

Apple of my eye was Harneet Kaur Bhatia :-) wat a beauty, she was simply awesome..mindblowing and what not (try to look from the eyes of a 18yr old guy yaar), all three years I admired her....bunked the classes and did miserably in exams..and more admired her :-) , and I was as comfortable talking to her as Yuvraj facing Muralitharan and I hardly talked with her for more than 20 minutes(Cumulatively in 3 yrs) but those moments were just too good. I still remember her six-digit phone number ;-) (digital exchange nahi thi tab)

Today after 8 years, everything has changed drastically in our lives but whenever we meet, our college time stories never fail to make us laugh.

School-Tales n Friends.

  • Ist--> Arvind --- used to sit on same desk, eat n play together..till 6th standard.....then he decided to spend some more time in 6th standard :-)
  • 4th --> Rupesh Saxena --- he joined the school in 4th usual had a fight with him within a week of his joining....then we become best of the pals, after 7th his father got transferred to Ahmedabad and we lost contact, I still have all the new year greeting cards u sent to me and one letter u wrote to me from Ahmedabad, hey I still love you and miss you. and think abt u atleast once on ur B'day..1st Feb.
  • 8th -- > Ashish Mangla, ..oye Daggru Pandit, I'm sorry for that punch and all the resultant blood that came out from ur mouth..... near the water-tank after the recess. I know, we were never the best of the friends......ur sincerity n dedication was mindblowing.
  • 9th -- > Milin.....we were togther right from 1st standard...but became good friends coz` of our terrific chemistry on the football ground....saale tu 90% of the time off-side hota tha :-)
  • 10th -- > In 10th standard when whole class was busy worrying about the boards and stuff, I was more interested in ITALIA 90, and watched each n every match religiously...and Roberto Baggio and Klinnsmann were my heros...I once wrote on my school bag..."Super-HuMan..Klinsmann" :-)
    I remember, we were given a half day off before our first pre-board exam, and instead of going home, me and Vinod (he was late bloomer...but started to play decently) went straight to playground and started practicing "penalties" :-) and our physics teacher "PC sir" caught us playing n blasted us like anything. Vinod, I won that day 4-2 ;-)
  • 11th -- We were in heaven n were treated like Gods..after all we were in 11th-D... the most sought after class....and were regarded as cream of the school..(I'm sure sour one)
    Had a blast during 11th, bunked classes and strolled in nearyby Gole-market and sometimes at Mohan Singh Place (CP) the jeans heaven :-)), made best of the friends. All of us were mad....., Jha, Vinay(Mota), Rawal, Bhatia(Yogi), Amit Kapoor(Charlie), Atirek (yaar tere naam ki spelling badi confusing thi and hai)
    Amit Shrivastav (original evil-brain) , Sameer, Rajesh (Daaku), Girish, Vijay(this guy never smiled in his life).
  • 12th -- Everybody become serious in 12th and, coaching classes / engineering preparations / entrance exams / and off course football remained only topics of discussion. As usual I was always more keen of completing the football match rather than finishing practicals or attending extra classes.
    Its just impossible to re-collect all the memories of school in words, those golden dayssssss...

Without doubt those were the best days of my existence.