Tuesday, August 03, 2004

College and Kamla Nagar.

Dunno, why I'm writing all this..just recalling my college days......just like that...no intention of being heard.

First day college was as eventful as weather report on DD news.
Nobody took notice of me, I was wandering here n there....without knowing where to go/hide, well nothing happened..just noted down the timetable and came back home. Totally disillusioned.

Next day, went straight to the classroom, there I met my classmates....we were 7 guys and 9 girls, 16 in all. and by the time we passed out, we were reduced to 5 guys n 9 girls. 2 guys dropped out after first year.....second day was also dead boring, nothing much happened, we attended different classes boring teachers came and asked our name number hobbies etc....not much ragging happened in subsequent days barring some weird dance show or odd song recital (all their moves backfired)

Well, since having spent all my life in a boys school, so short-skirts (no not minis, just above knee length types) and even presence of girls was bit awkward for me, I was too shy to even look at the girls, forget about talking to them. After a while, got used to them...(read got used to ignore them)

And my lack of social skill helped me made 3 new friends there...Manoj, Vikas and Sushil, we 4 formed "Da BoyZ" group, though these guys studied in co-ed school but they were much more shy than me. And till the end of graduation we never interacted much with the "Da GirlZ" group.

Our daily routine was, straightway going to hostel, having the breakfast of the lunch we brought from home, attending classes if any, again going back to the hostel, then roaming in the kamla nagar....relishing chacha's chole-bhature and shakes at the nearby shakes shop. so full bindaas masti in 13 Rs. flat. This remained our routine all three years spent in the university. Manoj,Vikas and Sushil they all are really studious types..and I was totally opposite, no infact was as boring types with no thrills n frills.

We guys hanged around the gate of St.Stephen's eating bhel-puri , drinking nimbu lemon and passing our "mature" views about the girls. Fun part was, we all l inked each-other with some girl or another and cooked up hell lot of stories :-)) , waise Manoj was senti about Divya hahahahha, even today after 10 years her name makes his face red , and Vikas was bit too much involved with himself..his image,impression etc etc though he always tried to link himself with almost all girls of our class but we never trusted him ..and rightly so, in first year he was after Jagpreet and in the second year he tried to befriend Vandana and in the final he made valiant attempt to woo Ruchi but he backtracked after meeting her body-builder type boy friend :-)) , Vikas yaar, waise 1 baat boolooon ..tera kuch nahi ho sakta :-)) :-))

I'm not going to write about Sushil, the sensitive guy, he was bit too much involved with a girl and ended up on the wrong side. No I'm not going to write about this.

Apple of my eye was Harneet Kaur Bhatia :-) ..wow wat a beauty, she was simply awesome..mindblowing and what not (try to look from the eyes of a 18yr old guy yaar), all three years I admired her....bunked the classes and did miserably in exams..and more admired her :-) , and I was as comfortable talking to her as Yuvraj facing Muralitharan and I hardly talked with her for more than 20 minutes(Cumulatively in 3 yrs) but those moments were just too good. I still remember her six-digit phone number ;-) (digital exchange nahi thi tab)

Today after 8 years, everything has changed drastically in our lives but whenever we meet, our college time stories never fail to make us laugh.


Medha said...

this posting is just gr8. made me nostalgic too..in my college ppl used to change their bfs and gfs and also admirals not in an year but in a weeks time.. ha ha ha..
well 8 years have not passed out since my college days r over but yes 3 yrs have def passed but those were really funny days. one full slice of fun. :)

Arunima said...

those were the best days of my life. sweet memories...