Monday, October 10, 2005

Pause! much is happening around, and still not much is changing..(*.duh.*)

Seems that 'GOD' has pressed pause button for me, and I'm a mute spectator to the buzzing activity around me ; n as a result.....there is an uneasiness, sort of tension but more of uneasiness.

Well, I really wanted to write a detailed post on Ganguly-Chappell controversy, but could not do so.
So much happened, like
...Ganguly speaking to media in-between a test-match - wtf
...Ganguly-Chappell's joint press conference - wtf
...Leaking of Chappell's email - wtf
...Compromise BCCI meeting - wtf
... Laxman's then Harbhajan's statement, and now Yuvraj's statement - wtf
....... * ALL C R A P * ........

Today challenger series is starting, and Dada has ruled himself out with that mysterious (*tried n tested*) 'tennis-elbow'.
So much has already been said, and my reading to all this is,
1) Ganguly's days are numbered,
2) He has done himself a world of harm by not playing at Challenger series.
3) If Dalmiya can 'MAKE' Ganguly then anyday he can BREAK Ganguly, to save his 'place'(which is always under controversies).

I'm in love with Dominos 'Deep-dish crust' pizzas, I can have them daily for rest of my life.

I'm blessed with so many wonderful wonderful friends who are always willing to help me out!! they are always there to support all my decisions and …. the trouble is, I'm soo indecisive. B-(

I'm entitled for a LEGAL holiday on 13th...dhin-chak-dhin-chak....coz I received a summon from Court to appear as Witness to some case, and if I don't attend the hearing without any concrete reason then court can issue warrant against me :-) so as per Govt. laws I'm entitled for a holiday on 13th.
....on second thoughts I must check with HR deptt., coz I'm sure they must not be aware this law.