Tuesday, December 07, 2004


  • We lost two matches in two days, 4-0 and 5-4, and our captain still thinks there is a hope for bronze, ridiculous.
  • A successful coach (Rajinder Singh, incidentally he was coach of my school team some 10 yrs back) was sacked just 3 weeks before Olympics. Ridiculous.
  • Some unknown German grabs the chief coach position in such a short notice. This tells about of his credibility. Ridiculous.
  • IHF sacks top players (Dhanraj and Dhillon) just before Olympics and after media hue-cry they recalled them just to humiliate them further by resting them on bench for most part of games; and again sacked them after Olympics.
  • Again before Indo-Pak series, the new coach sacks top 3 stars without stating any reasons, and this current team doesn't have a 'forward-line', can anyone tell me who played at right wing in last two matches?
  • Is there any logic behind the selection of 'Adam Sinclair, Vinay or (was that Hari) ' over brilliance of Gagan Ajit, Deepak Thakur (incidentally they both are product of my alma mater)
  • And the strategy of long-passes as opposed to our traditional short-passes has proved to be last nail in the coffin.


Cristiano Junior died coz' of unnecessary aggressive tackling, lets hope federation bans that wild goalkeeper for life.

May his soul rest in peace.


At workfront , not much happening, client is still in process of finalizing feature set for version 4.1 and me struggling with migration from VSS to P4.