Sunday, October 31, 2004

Last week’s ‘comings and goings’

They again selected the team without asking my opinion; as usual their selection doesn't matches mine. I would have preferred one middle order batsman (S.Sriram to be precise) instead of selecting two openers, that would have served as a warning to Laxman for taking his place for granted.
Selecting two openers doesn't make any sense to me, this will only add pressure on Gambhir; coz he knows if he fails to deliver then Jadhav is there to take his place. And at last they dropped Parthiv Patel*, I'm so relieved and happy about it, this time Aussie's trick didn't work with our selectors, as they always allow him to score some runs so that he gets selected for next match :-)
(*heard that he doesn't even catches cold :-D )

Our roads and traffic are just unrivaled, on same so-called road all types of contraptions run; thursday night I almost rammed into an was on its after dinner stroll on Nizammudin bridge that too in the fast moving right-most lane, and wow and I just love the color of it, it was beautifully intermingled with the darkness.

Watched an episode of "Indian Idol", there was mad rush at all audition centers....they should seriously consider re-naming it to "Indian IDLE".
In all show was pathetic, apart from Sonu Nigam other two judges Anu Malik and Farah Khan were too rude; they should be sued for humiliating people.

Reliance people have changed all the mobile numbers to ten-digit format as per TRAI instructions, so my number has also gone haywire.