Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Just like that.

Yesterday I wanted to write about Lata Mangeshkar on her 75th b'day but work kept me away.
And in the night came to know about the death of Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004), at some point of time I used read him a lot, liked his "Untouchable" and "Coolie" immensely, his personal life equally fascinated my young mind during those days.

In news saw the brief interview of Lata Mangeshkar, she is amazing, at 75 she lends her voice to 15-18 yr youngs/olds, more than 62 years in this profession, singing numerous songs in numerous languages, making records, winning awards, all this amazes me, wow what a lady.
So many singers came and faded away, but she stood her ground against all odds. Our parents/even grand parents grew up listening to her, so its sort of in our genes to like her voice, so sort of do not know what sweetness of voice means other than hers.
Her voice has become a benchmark.

hmmm...though my favorite is her younger sister Asha aunty :-)

So many thoughts have been ringing in my skull, wanting to explode, I wanted to blurt them out as soon as possible, I wanted to write about "Types of bloggers”, about "Surfing channels at 11 in night", "about forthcoming cricket series", "ongoing dosti hockey series", about "Itsy-bitsy dressed 'kids' in shopping malls, "Agar milley khuda to...." , but now such thoughts are fading fast as they appeared.

Now again, same day has started, nothing much changed from yesterday other than date, but since it has just began, so its my chance to make most of it, roll my tongue over and relish it. Yes, yes, yes...........!