Monday, December 28, 2009

... aall izz is NOT well :-(

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


One of my favorite snap....

at last, after many failed attempts at different sites, today started afresh at

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 mahine ho gaye….hmm more than 2 mahine ho gaye since I updated here. But again, it’s all about the mood which dictates the posts….and when I’m happy…. I’m happy and go with the flow…..and when I’m sad…I talk to myself.

Well, I’m not exactly sad right now, I’m kinda jealous…but not exactly jealous also, it’s a kind of in-between feeling ..when things don’t go that smooth for us, and same things go smooth for others…and you knowing that you’ve been honest, and others are not, all that make things uneasy. I know I’m not making sense here.

I leave a lot for God to do for me, yeah I’m that kind of person, and I forget a lot these days, I forgot to lock car, I forgot to lock home, I forget my passwords, I forget to pay bills, I forget to pray.
Just plain forget. At the same time, don’t argue or convince people but just leave it God to makes things better, make other understand the bigger picture, I leave it to HER to remove negativity in their thoughts/opinions. But now I’ve even started to forget asking for that.


Bhanwar si ghoomti duniya ko rooko…ke humein utarna hai

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So finally fall has fallen in bay area….and it’s raining ‘beautifully’, normally it drizzles and drizzles for days but that’s no fun.
Today it is actually ‘Raining’ …raining like good size drops falling with some rhythm and intensity.
It is something which I’m sure always touches everyone not just physically…sometimes it makes one sad and sometimes happy and most of the time ‘in-between’ …. that funny feeling when you know something is amiss but you can’t put finger on that.
For the record, I’m HAPPY.

Last night saw two back-to-back movies of ‘Supriya Pathak’.

First one was ‘Wake Up Sid’, it was a crazy idea to go for a movie on a Monday evening, oddly one of American multiplex was running the shows of Wake Up Sid which is quite an unusual thing. So we went there, and whole complex was deserted…there were no digital board flashing show timings and all, just 3-4 kids were manning the tickets and snacks booths.

After purchasing the tickets we went to search for audi # 9 which was (obviously) in the farthest corner of the complex, and let me again emphasis on the ‘deserted’ part, all passages/foyer everything was devoid of a single soul, and of course our audi was EMPTY. It was just 4 of us there.
Whole setting was straight out from horror movies; where protagonists stop at some motel at some deserted place and turn on the TV in their rooms only to see themselves on screen.

Movie worked for me, though in promos, character of Ranbir looked like a hybrid of Lakshay’s Hrithik and DCH’s Aamir and music sounded like re-cycled tunes/lyrics of Rock On/Luck By Chance, and ‘iktara’ a left over of Aamir/DevD.

Whole casting worked for me, Ranbir fitted the role to the T, and he didn’t require any special effort to get that dork look, and Konkana was her usual self though I hated her kurtas, I mean the colors. Now it’s tough to imagine anyone else portraying Sid n Aisha’s role.
Movie had all elements of a regular masala childhood friend se ladai and patch up; father-son confrontations; realization of mother’s ‘taken-for-granted’ love; not realizing that ‘it-is-love-till-the-last-reel’; Emotional quadrangle between ‘Ranbir-New(irritating)Girl-Konkana-Rahul (copying his younger brother)’ but treatment of all these was good…simple straightforward no melodrama!

Here's the pic.
Late night, I saw ‘Bazaar’ for the first time in one straight sitting and totally blown away with the performances/dialogues/direction and of course music. It’s just plain impossible to write about Smita Patil/Naseeruddin Shah/Faroque Sheikh/Supriya Pathak and other characters. A must watch for everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


'na khuda visaal-e-yaar hua'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My playing 'XI' for Saturday's match -

1) Sachin
2) Gambhir
3) Dravid
4) Raina
5) Dhoni
6) Pathan
7) Nayyar
8) Harbhajan
9) Mishra
10) Ishant
11) Nehra

Yeah, no place for RP/Kohli/Praveen/Karthik.

Monday, September 14, 2009

May be this post will give some insight on how I felt when Kim Clijsters won last night; remember I said may be ;-)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music of ‘What’s your Raashee?” has that distinct tinge of 90’s which doesn’t sound pleasant now, and while listening to those, image of ‘Hrithik’s dummy – Harman Baweja’ creeps in mind’s eye and that makes me change the music.

Music of ‘Wake Up Sid’ sounds more or less mix of ‘Luck By Chance’ and ‘Rock On’; seems like both Javed Akhtar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy generously re-cycled their lyrics and compositions here or discarded songs of ‘Luck By Chance’ and ‘Rock On’ found some takers.

And best song 'Iktara'of album is composed by Amit Trivedi, unfortunately it also carries hangover of Aamir's 'Ek Lau' number.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They do it in spring, in fact do that whole year around, plus in fall they add a new freaking dimension to freak me out! And boy, how they love to do it on weekend mornings (which are like mid-night for people like me)

Well, here I’m talking about ‘bluudy grass mowers’ , to be politically correct, this is nothing against the persons who do it , this rant is strictly against the bluudy contraptions they use to do it.

Every weekend morning, they decide to trim the grass right below my bedroom window and do it till I wake up and tear my hair in frustration.

Geez, can’t they invent (here they being AMERICANS) some better device which doesn’t make noise, or little noise. All they have now is some stupid machine which blurts noise like 100 jets revving up to take off right under my bedroom window.

And come fall, they come back in teams, one guy doing this usual lawn mowing stunt, and supporting cast guy does this leaves gathering act using some equally stupid device- which looks like as if he is scattering the leaves instead of collecting them using that big hose which blows air out of it, in fact more noise then air.

Friday, August 21, 2009


First Edition – Lost in the finals

Second Edition – Didn’t lose a match, but due to some P2C2E, didn’t qualify for finals

Third Edition – Lost in finals

Fourth Edition – Lost in Semis

Fifth – Kicked out in initial rounds

Sixth Edition – check out the pic below

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kaminey –Aaj Kal

Kaminey - catchy title, tantalizing music, brilliant lyrics, teamed with teasing trailers.

Love Aaj Kal – bad title, remixed music, inaudible singer's voices, indecipherable lyrics.

Kaminey – had Vishal written all over it in a good way, dialogues, background score, screenplay etc etc.

Love Aaj Kal - had Saif smudged on it, of course forcefully, it was like watching Saif –Aaj Kal, and he was everywhere, in every scene, even in voice-over. Typical ‘I’m-the-Producer-I’ll-mouth-the-best-lines’ attitude.

Kaminey – without doubt is best movie of the year so far (or till Ishqiya releases), it was crisp, with zero time-waste, every scene was neatly done, but it all went bad in that ‘Free-for-all’ shooting fiasco towards the end.

And of course, one can’t stop comparing this with his earlier master pieces, Maqbool (I call it ‘complete’ movie), Omkara, Blue Umbrella; Here I guess, he tried to pack too much in too little time, may be that was the whole point of the movie, trying to pack everything, and relating all small details seamlessly, and he succeeded on doing that.

Like as I said earlier, it was all good, but that ‘free-for-all’ shooting scene spoiled it for me, and since everything was happening so fast that one starts to alienate from it instead of getting sucked in. It simple didn’t give time to ‘feel’ for characters, like in Maqbool’s Maqbool, Nimmi - one can feel their angst and helplessness, like in Omkara even after watching it ‘n’ times one prays for a different ending. Like in Blue Umbrella, Biniya’s glee makes one happy, and Nand Kishore’s plight after social boycott was moving.

Here, romance between Guddu n Sweety was unconvincing, I don’t know what those ‘Bengali Brothers’ were doing in this movie, Tashi was unconvincing, he was introduced in a fantastic way in that boat scene, but after that whole character took a nose-dive. Lele-Lobo were good but again can’t help comparing them with brilliant cops duo of Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah of Maqbool. Bhope was really good, very fluid, very menacing, neatly done by Amol Gupte (earlier I used to think of him some old guy who ghost-directed Taare Zameen Par’)

Another thing, don’t know what’s the hype about Shahid’s work here; he was overshadowed by Priyanka in all their scenes, or by Amol Gupte or Mikhail or White horses or ‘Dhan ta nan’!

In one line, it is a good movie but not a great one by any stretch of imagination.

Pheww, forgot to write about LAK, hmmm..not now, some other time!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well, these days or for past many days err....months, all I update here is 'Recently Seen Movies' list, so decided to update my almost forgotten photo blog.

Here is the latest entry...featuring a 4 months old photograph.

and well, Happy Janamasthami, and Happy Independence Day :-)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Current Obsession

Kyaa kare zindagi
Issko hum jo miley
Isski jaan khaa gaye
Raat din ke giley

Raat din ke giley....

Meri aarzoo kameenee
Mere khwaab bhi kameeney
Ek dil se dosti thi
Yeh huzoor bhi kameeney

Kabhi zindagi se maangaa
Pinjare mein chaand laa do
Kabhi laalten de ke
Kaha aasmaan pe tango

Jeene ke sab kareeney they humesha sa kameeney...kameeney...kameeney...kameeney..kameeneyyyy
Meri daasataa kameenee....mere raastey kameeney
Ek dil se dosti thi
Yeh huzoor bhi kameeney

Jis kaa bhi chehra cheelaa
Andar se aur niklaa
Maasoom saa kabootar
Naachaa toh mor niklaaaaa

Kabhi hum kameeney nikle
Kabhi doosre kaminey kameeney...kameeney...kameeney...kameeney..kameeneyyyy

Meri dosti kameenee..mere yaar bhi kameeney
Ek dil se dosti thi
Yeh huzoor bhi kameeney

Monday, July 06, 2009

5 years of blogging, 1st camping trip, 1st time in pool and other useless 'over-information'

Hmmm.. going for an overnight camping trip was a mistake, with all that heat, crowd and distance it was not worth the effort and preparations.
Alright, that sounded little harsher, ok to put it mildly going anywhere on a long weekend is not a great idea. All roads get choked, it gets chaotic everywhere, and whole purpose of taking a break loses its meaning.

Anyway, we’ve learned our lesson, so next time, we’ll be more careful in deciding the place, time and most importantly company ;-)

Alright when bad camping site and timing was not enough to ruin the mood it got topped by pathetic dinner we had last night at place in Newark, normally I don’t do restaurant reviews and all but this time I’m forced to pass a judgment, it was so pathetic that it made me sick. Anyways‘ll restrain from taking names.

Oops, time to stop negativity now, alright, brightest side of the weekend was King Federer’s sweet victory over Roddick, I woke way early than my normal time so that I don’t miss a point, and wifey overslept to glory and got up just in time to see that epic final set. That kind of made me look like a fool, but that’s ‘so’ her ;-) ..

Also on positive side, after years of deliberations/contemplations/considerations I took the plunge (sounds so cheesy or cliché-isque) in the pool, yes at last enrolled for swimming classes, so far they are fun. Making progress everyday, but a lot needs to be deserved, so trick is to spend as much time as possible in the pool, after all one cannot make omelets without breaking the eggs.

Also in past week, I completed 5 years of blogging, though I’m not a very regular blogger but actually never ever deserted this place, it all started with an extended streak of boredom at work and now after 5 years here I’m still bored but little less. There aren’t many posts here lately and posts from Sept 08 to Feb 09 miraculously* disappeared from here also made this place look stale n deserted.

I want to thank each and everyone who ever passed through this blog, especially to friends mentioned on the sidebar, they all are amazing writers and amazing people, and inspiration to keep this place going. Thank you guys.

*there are no miracles in blogger’s park, actually wifey deleted those during one of our routine fights :-)..pretty creative huhh...:-) , and now if you’re wondering that why the hell I share my password with my wife then either you’re not married or it’s going to happen with you very soon ;-) , …… alright lets say we know each other’s password so that we can check mails n stuff in case of some emergency and all…oh yeah that’s the standard excuse ;-)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

June-Twits :-)

Just another crazy way to keep this place alive :-)

All June Twits!

# Watching 'Devil wears Prada' B-(10:49 PM Jun 30th from TwitterFox

#...and I want Safina - Dementieva final B-)9:34 AM Jun 30th from TwitterFox

#wow....Top 4 seeds are in semis :-) is about to begin :-)9:34 AM Jun 30th from TwitterFox

#kaisiiii sazaa deti hawaaaa....tanhai bhi tanha nahiiiii.....9:23 AM Jun 30th from TwitterFox

#@ektz Great Recall Value!9:09 AM Jun 30th from TwitterFox in reply to ektz

#Watching...DOUBT !10:33 PM Jun 29th from TwitterFox

#@Chandnim ahh..that was abt meeting with boss!9:30 PM Jun 29th from TwitterFox in reply to Chandnim

#that was ...EASY :)10:26 AM Jun 29th from TwitterFox

#Gearing for 1-to-1 with boss in next 16 mins. B-(9:44 AM Jun 29th from TwitterFox

#Watching Kate Winslet....err Revolutionary Road ...and absolutely loving it.10:40 PM Jun 28th from TweetDeck

#Watching food network and cooking dinner.9:00 PM Jun 28th from TweetDeck

#off to SFO drop a friend.8:22 AM Jun 28th from TwitterFox

#Watching I am Sam !10:47 PM Jun 27th from TweetDeck

#today stepping on court was like stepping in an oven!12:03 PM Jun 27th from TwitterFox

#Watching Capote !10:29 PM Jun 26th from TwitterFox

#But Larry he the right guy? I have my BIG doubts.4:57 PM Jun 26th from TwitterFox

#..just saw Stephen Curry's first press conference in Oakland.4:57 PM Jun 26th from TwitterFox

#arghhhh....installing XP Prof again4:54 PM Jun 26th from TwitterFox

#4th day was a killer....calf muscles cramps troubled a lot B-(12:17 AM Jun 26th from TwitterFox

#Stephen Curry goes to GS Warriors...woooo hoooooo5:23 PM Jun 25th from TwitterFox

#End of an era PM Jun 25th from TwitterFox

# PM Jun 25th from TwitterFox

#@Chandnim hahaha..somebody is enamored with SRK :-)11:46 AM Jun 25th from TwitterFox in reply to Chandnim

#and I think it has a mind of its own,like it always ring when I'm taking a leak..jeez that makes whole thing embarrassingly musical :-(10:28 AM Jun 25th from TwitterFox

#why why why...whenever I leave my phn unattended for a nano second at my workstation it makes its presence felt B-(10:26 AM Jun 25th from TwitterFox

#@nidsonline pacify a growling tummy??9:23 AM Jun 25th from TwitterFox in reply to nidsonline

#hoping for a better day at pool today B-(3:37 PM Jun 24th from TwitterFox

#@bhartibhagat ..just like my boss :-)9:16 AM Jun 24th from TwitterFox in reply to bhartibhagat

#Second day at pool was a disaster, left me with bruised shoulders and ego.11:30 PM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck

#@gulpanag this is the one from Prakash Jha productions2:53 PM Jun 23rd from TwitterFox in reply to gulpanag

#@gulpanag - now name the director plzz :-)2:45 PM Jun 23rd from TwitterFox in reply to gulpanag

#stepped into a pool for FIRST time ever....and now whole body is under some kind of shock, even a cup of coffee seems heavy B-(10:22 AM Jun 23rd from TwitterFox

#Muirwoods here I come......2:56 PM Jun 22nd from TwitterFox

#semi-final postponed to 3pm...hmmits going to atleast 90-95 degress at 3pm1:58 PM Jun 22nd from TwitterFox

#all set for a lonnnnng day!!!10:38 AM Jun 22nd from TwitterFox

#Yep..its OVER now :-) ...lets see how Chanderpaul/Sarwan/Gayle react now :-)11:20 AM Jun 19th from TwitterFox

#ohh la it over for WI?11:18 AM Jun 19th from TwitterFox

#somebody at home is waiting anxiously for delivery of her iPhone 3G S :-)10:40 AM Jun 19th from TwitterFox

#Watching American History X12:30 AM Jun 19th from TwitterFox

#headache headache headache...and I'm out of here....for lunch!12:36 PM Jun 18th from TwitterFox

#@Chandnim whatz that?11:43 AM Jun 18th from TwitterFox in reply to Chandnim

#went to bed early last night,couldn't sleep properly, woke up way early..all in anticipation of 9am meeting and still got late by 4 mins :-(11:42 AM Jun 18th from TwitterFox

#@shubhere - something like this?? btw this is one of my fav.....story of my life :-)9:14 AM Jun 17th from web in reply to shubhere

#@aalapana Thank you ji :-)7:36 AM Jun 17th from TwitterFox in reply to aalapana

#@shubhere Thank you :-)11:26 PM Jun 16th from TwitterFox in reply to shubhere

# - happy Budday pic :-)6:16 PM Jun 16th from TwitPic

#A man is known by his browsing history :-)4:44 PM Jun 16th from TwitterFox

#after Pak, now WI are in semis too...what a shame...I wonder why does our team chooses big stage to show their differences :-(2:46 PM Jun 15th from TwitterFox

#@gulpanag Jeezz...thats big time distracting...I shudn't open twitpics from work B-(2:15 PM Jun 15th from TwitterFox in reply to gulpanag

#@gulpanag Awesome pic, looks like you guys can roam ard there without getting swarmed!11:31 AM Jun 15th from TwitterFox in reply to gulpanag

#@shubhere LA Laker's coach, they just own 15th NBA title, and Jackson won 10th as coach ..highest ever!10:14 PM Jun 14th from TwitterFox in reply to shubhere

#watching fightclub :-)10:03 PM Jun 14th from TwitterFox

#at last Phil Jackson is smiling :-)7:40 PM Jun 14th from TwitterFox

#8:13 remaining and they are down by 16 - this is ridiculous, and I thought they'll show some fight tonight B-(7:16 PM Jun 14th from TwitterFox

#ahh....Orlando MAGIC will win tonight :-)4:58 PM Jun 14th from TwitterFox

#Looking forward to wifey's graduation ceremony tomorrow!11:38 AM Jun 13th from TwitterFox

#my FB URL AM Jun 13th from TwitterFox

#@rkrithika @chandnim - Thank you so much for birthday wishes!11:36 AM Jun 13th from TwitterFox in reply to rkrithika

# - My birthday cake :-)12:47 AM Jun 13th from TwitPic

#Happy Birthday to me :-P5:55 PM Jun 12th from web

#@Chandnim Post some pics of 'churpi' :-)10:01 AM Jun 12th from TwitterFox in reply to Chandnim

#hmmm after long time updated the blog AM Jun 12th from TwitterFox

#oops there's no hiding when it's time to go PM Jun 11th from TwitterFox

#just orderded iPhone 3G S for wifey on my birthday B-(4:33 PM Jun 11th from web

#@nidsonline - Namaskaram Mangalam :-)4:29 PM Jun 11th from TwitterFox

#@gulpanag ...that's some FREE advertising :-)3:03 PM Jun 11th from TwitterFox in reply to gulpanag

#feeling...sleepy hungry and tired :-(3:25 PM Jun 9th from web

#so far disappointed with Magic's effort...not looking forward to 3rd game tonight :-(11:34 AM Jun 9th from TwitterFox

#trying to install XP Prof.....again B-(4:07 PM Jun 8th from TwitterFox

#Happy to see Aussies knocked out :-)4:02 PM Jun 8th from web

#hahaha...I'm happy to see my prediction proved wrong :-)11:36 AM Jun 5th from TwitterFox

#@shubhere oops....this is crazy, not letting me do any work :-) ....Del Petro looked invicible in first 3 sets.10:46 AM Jun 5th from TwitterFox in reply to shubhere

#so far Del Potro is on track....lets see!!10:03 AM Jun 5th from TwitterFox

#Call me insane but I like my turkey sandwich with dollops of mayo!11:48 AM Jun 4th from TwitterFox

#shocked to see Bryan brothers losing first set 0-6 :-O :-O9:46 AM Jun 4th from TwitterFox

#@aalapana Lovely song from a lovely movie!!!1:36 PM Jun 3rd from TwitterFox in reply to aalapana

#Joined NETFLIX today....and Malgudi Days is on top of the list :-)12:11 PM Jun 3rd from TwitterFox

#Looking forward to Federer Vs Del Potro....and I think Del Potro will win this time.10:32 AM Jun 3rd from TwitterFox

#It kinda felt weird to see my yesteryear’s heroes Courier n Philippoussis playing in a veteran’s tournament B-(10:17 AM Jun 3rd from TwitterFox

#Aadhurey khwaab ki aadhi sazaa mein jeetey hai.....4:41 PM Jun 1st from web

#@Chandnim I know one for sure :-)9:43 AM Jun 1st from web in reply to Chandnim

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When you’ve nothing to say…do a tag.
When you’ve lot of things in mind… a youtube video :-)

This is one of favorite song, I know lyrics seem lil unbaked, and music is also mediocre, but rendering is unmatched.

This is also like story of my life so far….you may find it bland after initial 2 mins, but that’s what I like about it and life.
Stick to it, and hopefully you too will like it...just like that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ideas silly ideas

It’s high time, I pen down my silly laugh-worthy ideas, I know I know but again it’s best to write things down when they keep haunting you every now and then without any rhyme or reason.

Just like this line which I’ve been reciting since morning in late Kaifi Azmi sahab’s voice…
“Jism jal jayenge jab sar pe na saaya hoga
ok ok…now feeling lighter….(nahi nahi woh cigarette jalane waala nahi)

Alright…..before I lose my train of thought, I’ll come to the point

So here they are….some real 100% silly ideas but all of them germinated from personal experiences.

1) Top of the list is ‘Clothes Sanitizer’ in stores – ok this requires some explanation but it will sound very trivial… alright just picture the process of buying clothes in your mind i.e. choosing few things, trying them in change/fitting room, then in the end buying the best suited ones. So far so good, now think of the items which one didn’t like after trying, what happens to them?, that is simple too, store staff comes and pick those and put them back on store shelves. And now imagine trying some shirt etc after someone (who consumes more cologne than water or who saves on both) had tried same item before you. Get the drift? Won’t it be nice if stores sanitize the clothes before putting them on shelves for others?

2) Second on my list is WIRELESS chargers…wireless charger for laptops/cell phones/cameras/mp3 players/re-chargeable batteries …anything that requires charging. Almost at some point of time that adaptor or cable breaks down and frustrates us, so won’t it be nice to not worry about that additional piece of ‘wire/connector’?

3) Yes this one of my favorite – 3 D Television. I love sports I love the atmosphere in stadium, love that whole feeling. But wifey is not a keen basketball/baseball follower so that limits my trips to games, and have to be contented to watch them at home only (of course after her permission B-( )
So how about having a 3D technology, which can transform your living room into stadium stands (of course like best seats in arena/stadium), alright lets stretch it further, technology which can allow to focus on just one player or change the camera angles always…now imagine watching Kobe or Lebron James from courtside seats amidst all that hoo-hulla. Imagine watching news as if newsreader is sitting across to you in your living room and reading the news just for you :-)
Ok, now make sure to not stretch it further, I mean all that porno and all err…. ESTOP.

4) Feeling Capturer….hahaha I know this word itself is weird, but again I’ve a weirder explanation :-) , again I love being behind the lenses, love clicking all kind of random stuff (which only I can enjoy watching again and wifey HATES them all) , so my this habit of clicking inane things in her presence make her lose her temper :-) , and my only explanation is that I’m never satisfied with regular pictures, I want to capture the whole feeling in a frame, I want to capture what I’m seeing, but that’s almost impossible and pictures turn out to be ordinary pictures.
And handy cams are more frustrating, they hardly capture the whole essence, complete picture, that 360 degree plus view. And on top of it, person who is taking video is kind of tied down, and cannot enjoy the place.
So, now I want some device, some kind of goggles which I can wear to capture whatever I’m seeing without worrying about angles/light etc, without tying me down.

Alright now I’m done for the day, and I’m glad I wrote this down before my birthday :-) so that I feel little less stupid tomorrow and yes don’t forget to wish me tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tees Sawaal Jawaab

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? hmmmm...badly need to shave

2. How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? NONE

3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR? Shor

4. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? Office number :-)

5. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone? Default AT&T

6. What are you wearing right now? Formals

7. Do you label yourself? Mis-fit.

8. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own? hmm my fav. are Sketchers

9.Bright or Dark Room? Mostly Dark.

10. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? She speaks sense!

11. What does your watch look like? RADO

12. What were you doing at midnight last night? Watching repeat telecast of Federer-Haas match.

13. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? "Kuch bolo" from wifey :-)

14. What’s a word that you say a lot? Awesome

15. Who told you he/she loved you last?(please exclude spouse , family, children) none :-(

16. Last furry thing you touched? hmm some sheepskin rug in some store

17. Favourite age you have been so far? Don't know..may be when I was 2 months old...alright let me say best is yet to come!

18. What was the last thing you said to someone? “No”

19.The last song you listened to? Kal ho na ho

20. Where did you live in 1987? Delhi, India

21. Are you jealous of anyone? Nahhhh.

22. Is anyone jealous of you? don't think so

23. Name three things that you have on you at all times? rings (all four of them, started wearing after shaadi), vella look, and chaptstic(hate to admit it)

24. What’s your favourite town/city? Dilli meri jaan

25. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? hmmm in 1988,thats the only time.

26. Can you change the oil on a car? No.

27. Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her? Now don't even remember

28. Does anything hurt on your body right now? carrying little niggle in left shoulder

29.What is your current desktop picture? none

30. Have you been burnt by love? Burnt?? in whatever sense...answer is NO.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Whenever I’m in good mood and think of writing something here..….then something BAD happens, and leaves me irritated.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice I’ll kick your butt!!

Now feeling better…. :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is it just me or anyone also feels that some of the NBA play off games are staged?

Something is seriously wrong somewhere, how can one explain the loss of LA Lakers last night by 15 points to Houston Rockets, and the same team literally killed Rockets in the previous game by 40 points.

Oh yes, I fully understand the concept of home and away games, the pros and cons of both. Playing in front of home crowd, playing in their daily practice courts does makes a difference but should not to the extent of winning one day by 40 points at home and then losing by 15 points away. No I’m not convinced.

Exactly same thing was witnessed in the 4th game between Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks. Any one with basic understanding of game can say that Nuggets are way better than Mavericks in this season, it’s pretty clear how much Kidd n Nowitzki struggle to keep their team together, and how easy it is for Billups and Carmello Anthony along with supporting cast of Kenyon Martin/Nene/JR Smith to score at will. They almost toyed with Mavericks defense in first 3 games and till then end of 3rd quarter of 4th game.

Then what happened in the 4th quarter?? How can they explain the loss despite being up by 10 points by the end of 3rd quarter?
Suddenly they lost their shooting capabilities, suddenly defense become porous, almost non-existent, Kidd n Terry were left open to shoot 3 pointers. There was no effort and intent to win the game.

And then in 5th game at home they killed Mavericks by some 15 odd points,
Like I said earlier, something is wrong somewhere, they just want to force as many games as possible; there is much more to that meets the eye, hell lot of money is involved in every game, TV audience, sell out crowds, and of course players/officials all make hundred thousands of dollars.

For people sitting in stadium, it doesn’t make much difference to them; they get the whole carnival like atmosphere in the arena, with different kind of distractions in a feel good way, they just don’t realize that they’re being ripped off, and on top of it they just love to see home team winning over rounds of free-flowing beers.
But TV audiences feel cheated, they are just watching the game, there is no hoop hulla around them, it’s just the game, they overcome the numerous time-outs, commercial with hope of watching some competitive game but all they get is some ‘fixed’ stuff, half-hearted attempts, players just going through the motions. And that’s frustrating.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hmmm....have to write this somewhere....everywhere!!

"Ek hi baat zamaane ki kitaabon mein nahi
Jo nasha gum-e-yaar mein hai woh sharaabon mein nahi"

- Faakir

Friday, April 03, 2009



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I want to add one more to these...
yes you already know it....
oh yes you guessed it correct ;-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My relationship with this blog is turning out to be same as my relationship with everyone else..I mean as with all people around me. In short ‘Duniya’.

It’s not that I don’t like it or don’t like people…acquaintances ..friends….etc.

By not talking (vastly different from communicating) or not being in touch, some may think of me as..’bridge burner’…or for a lack of better word ‘bridge abandoner’; but something within me says I’m neither of these.

This is not an abandoned place, I religiously (again due to lack of better word) visit this blog (and blogs of all my virtual friends) at least once everyday, and I’m sure dear blog knows this and shyaad also understands this, which I cannot say about duniya.

And million dollar question is…what to blog what not to blog, what to show and what to hide…and stuff which comes under ‘not to blog’ makes much more interesting posts.
Nope, writing about workplace is not at all safe, though I’ve done that in past, but now that’s a big NO. And other interesting insights which one gains from personal life are too personal to share, or personal word will lose its meaning.
Still outside of these two premises, things can be written about / shared here, and for that some good writing skills are needed which I clearly don’t have.
There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who weave beautifully witty stories out of mundane activities….like getting a hair cut or visiting dentist or an eating place.

Hmmm may be some day….

Yes I’m a social disaster; yes I don’t talk, especially when everyone else around me is talking. Okay, I don’t talk because I find it very boring, and 99.9% people talk the OBVIOUS things….yes pretty plain obvious…and I hate hearing my voice stating obvious stuff. So prefer to keep quiet and listen (or pretend to) everyone else’s self-boasting half-baked theories and stories.

Why can’t we be normal….just plain boring normal people…talking about normal stuff…no more show-off, no more artificial talks….no more passing judgments about everything, no more proving a point or something.
Life is not a contest after all.

Plus, I hate this concept of ‘ice-breaking’…..why is that everyone starts with weather and ends up with economic policies when one cannot do anything about either.

I think,someday I’d start carrying an actual ice-breaker with me and …..