Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ideas silly ideas

It’s high time, I pen down my silly laugh-worthy ideas, I know I know but again it’s best to write things down when they keep haunting you every now and then without any rhyme or reason.

Just like this line which I’ve been reciting since morning in late Kaifi Azmi sahab’s voice…
“Jism jal jayenge jab sar pe na saaya hoga
ok ok…now feeling lighter….(nahi nahi woh cigarette jalane waala nahi)

Alright…..before I lose my train of thought, I’ll come to the point

So here they are….some real 100% silly ideas but all of them germinated from personal experiences.

1) Top of the list is ‘Clothes Sanitizer’ in stores – ok this requires some explanation but it will sound very trivial… alright just picture the process of buying clothes in your mind i.e. choosing few things, trying them in change/fitting room, then in the end buying the best suited ones. So far so good, now think of the items which one didn’t like after trying, what happens to them?, that is simple too, store staff comes and pick those and put them back on store shelves. And now imagine trying some shirt etc after someone (who consumes more cologne than water or who saves on both) had tried same item before you. Get the drift? Won’t it be nice if stores sanitize the clothes before putting them on shelves for others?

2) Second on my list is WIRELESS chargers…wireless charger for laptops/cell phones/cameras/mp3 players/re-chargeable batteries …anything that requires charging. Almost at some point of time that adaptor or cable breaks down and frustrates us, so won’t it be nice to not worry about that additional piece of ‘wire/connector’?

3) Yes this one of my favorite – 3 D Television. I love sports I love the atmosphere in stadium, love that whole feeling. But wifey is not a keen basketball/baseball follower so that limits my trips to games, and have to be contented to watch them at home only (of course after her permission B-( )
So how about having a 3D technology, which can transform your living room into stadium stands (of course like best seats in arena/stadium), alright lets stretch it further, technology which can allow to focus on just one player or change the camera angles always…now imagine watching Kobe or Lebron James from courtside seats amidst all that hoo-hulla. Imagine watching news as if newsreader is sitting across to you in your living room and reading the news just for you :-)
Ok, now make sure to not stretch it further, I mean all that porno and all err…. ESTOP.

4) Feeling Capturer….hahaha I know this word itself is weird, but again I’ve a weirder explanation :-) , again I love being behind the lenses, love clicking all kind of random stuff (which only I can enjoy watching again and wifey HATES them all) , so my this habit of clicking inane things in her presence make her lose her temper :-) , and my only explanation is that I’m never satisfied with regular pictures, I want to capture the whole feeling in a frame, I want to capture what I’m seeing, but that’s almost impossible and pictures turn out to be ordinary pictures.
And handy cams are more frustrating, they hardly capture the whole essence, complete picture, that 360 degree plus view. And on top of it, person who is taking video is kind of tied down, and cannot enjoy the place.
So, now I want some device, some kind of goggles which I can wear to capture whatever I’m seeing without worrying about angles/light etc, without tying me down.

Alright now I’m done for the day, and I’m glad I wrote this down before my birthday :-) so that I feel little less stupid tomorrow and yes don’t forget to wish me tomorrow :-)


Arunima said...

happy birthday to you!

Now, coming back to the post. I understand the clothes sanitizer part. S always washes his clothes after buying. I can't do them as the clothes often have to be drycleaned. women's fabrics are quite difficult to handle. So, I just imagine good things and hang them in the closet. I have seen people in the store vacuum clean the clothes.

Second point: no comments
third: It may happen. how I don't know.

fourth point: S has the same habit. Imagine wearing a nice dress on a holiday and your better half busy clicking away everything else but you. :-( He considers himself a great nature lover and doen't take my pics at all. The goggles idea was quite nice. Embarassing to quote but my ex had told the same thing. he had said that he would make such an equipment some day. I am sure he has become dumb after we broke up so, I don't know if the goggles thingy is going to happen.

haha, this commnet looked more like a confession session.

shub said...

Nice list. If there's one thing I want invented, it's bluetooth on cameras (good ones) to trasnfer them to the laptop wirelessly. I find it a pain otherwise :(

Stone said...

@Arunima - hmm regarding point 2) Palm has come up something on same lines with 'TouchStone' docking station...its good, still not there yet. I dream of charging my laptop by turning on a switch in one room while laptop is in other room :-)

@Shub - yeah..transferring those 500 snaps from 2 day trip is a pain in the rear! hmmmm there is an inexpensive model available with this feature but again other features are not good :-( ..take a look;lst

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, hope you had a good one. i know i am late but like they say better late...
i like the sanitizer bit. i am a painful shopper and usually insist on a fresh piece to try on...
- anumita

Stone said...

@Anumita -- Thank you, b'days are not over unless last wish is received :-)
I'm glad you agreed with Sanitizer bit.