Monday, November 29, 2004

Stop Whining Start living
First things first
1) Fill up the resource requisition form, get it approved and submit to RMG. Done.
2) Leave early today and buy a gift for Babboo.
3) Give the LIC premium cheque to Manpreet.Done.
4) Pay phone bill, last date is 7th Dec, so can wait also.
5) Make credit card payments.
6) Drop boss's phone bill in some drop box.Done.
7)SMS Nidhi.Done.

Sometimes I think I give too much of importance to mundane activities, spend lots of time analyzing and re-analyzing and then doing that thing, doing it way same which struck me at the first place.
so in-between, I'm poorer by time and energy. and sometimes also money.
"Sometimes we tend to delay and postpone some very important things in our lives just because they r too precious, and we are too scared to do them"
This is what I said while talking to two of my very close friends.
And now again when certain realities hit me and my own words r ringing in the head.
Do something. Period.

I'm not focused I guess.
song playing in 'head'..kitne ajeeb rishtey hai yaha par.....

305/8....they r big bores.