Thursday, July 20, 2006

Though most of it is already here….but still doing it just like that.....Now please don't think that I don't have anything better to do.... actually boss is away for a week, and today is first day without his towering presence (he is 7 ft, :-( I mean easily 6' 5"), though he gave me hell lot of work and I dunno kaha se shru karoun :-), so kinda enjoying my freedom, and till now I don't know what I'm gonna write in my end of the day status report :-)

1) My Accent: 100% Hinduatani.
2) Booze: noooooooo.....
3) Chore I Hate: Washing clothes
4) Dog or Cat: None, I hate them; bachpan mein our dog had bitten me twice, and padosi ki billi ate my pet tortoise on a Sunday afternoon! :-(
5) Essential Electronics: hmm...none actually..hmm on second thoughts ..Laptop
6) Perfume: Hugo Boss
7) Gold or Silver: none, though I wear 3 rings..'sab prabhu ki maya hai'
8) Home: Dilli meri jaan!
9) Insomnia: Ya movie was nice!!! ohh well, pehle neend bahut aati thi, ab neend hi nahi aati :-(
10) Job Title: India mein to tha but yaha to I'm still figuring out....
11) Living Arrangements: arrangement??? hmmm with wifey and lots of pizzas and coke!!
11) Number of times in hospital: lost the count!
12) Phobias: lot of them, don't know the fancy name for them if they have any!
13) Quote: " " {will come up with one someday}
14) Religion: hmmm, if given power, will make this world religion-less!! just imagine of whole world becomes religion-less half of our problems will go away and there will be lots of cool converted -- hotels n resorts!!
15) Time I wake Up: ard 7:45am on weekdays and 11am on weekends
16) Unusual Talent or Skill: none :-(
17) Vegetable I Love: karela :-)
18) Worst Habit: p r o c r a s t I n a t I o n.........
19) X-rays: twice or may be thrice
20) Yummy Food I Make: Dunno, otherwise would have filled number 16)
21) Zodiac Sign: Gemini

22) People tagged to do it: whoever is bored n waiting for his/her lunch break!