Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Same beemaari!

Some beemaris are incurable that includes my addiction to cricket.

Well, right now score is 27/2 in 9 overs, and just 7 runs scored in last 5 overs with loss of two wickets.
When Gambhir played 4 consecutive dot balls , right at that moment I told my friend that he'll get out on last delivery, and Gambhir proved that to be a simple prediction.

C'mon, something is seriously wrong with Indian think-tank’s mindset specially when they are chasing a big score. I don't think they ever come-up with a plan in their minds or they ever stick to it, if they had one.

This inning is shaping up in a typical mess which they create for themselves, they are not sure whether to attack or defend, and always caught in-between. Someone at cricinfo must do some research and tell us how meekly our batsmen start playing after loss of early wickets, they suddenly make monster out of ordinary bowlers and build unnecessary pressure.

Today, same thing is happening, Tendulkar's role is to keep wickets intact, Gambhir tried to curb is natural game, he blocked when he should have flashed and vice-versa.

Now, I'm 200% sure Sachin n Dravid will make it painful slow, and add huge pressure on Yuvi n Dhoni, before getting out after making 25-35 runs, and in the end either Karthik or Dhoni will score a 'place-saving' 50 or something, and we'll lose by 80-90 runs.

I better stop here.


And this tussle between ICL and BCCI is turning out to be big tamasha, and trouble is that both parties are equally BAD. And rebel players are simply escaping from pot but jumping into fire.

Again lesser said is better.

I hate cricket.