Monday, December 27, 2004

boring boring and boring.....

Sis: how much tax do u pay?
me: dunno, it gets deducted every month.
sis: u don't know how much is deducted.
me: no.
sis: kuch savings kari hai tax save karne ke liye.
me: nahi
sis: accha Pf kitna kat ta hai.
me: dunno.
sis: kitne saal se tax pay kar raha hai?
me: 5
sis: and kahi savings nahi kari?
me: nope.
sis: koi LIC?
me: yes.
sis: premium kitna hai?
me: hmmm..bhool gaya.


R: don't go to work tomorrow if u r not well.
Me: hmmm.
R: I know as usual, u r not listening.
me: hmm..nahhh, nothing like that, as usual I'm listening.
R: So..conclusion.
Me: ya, will assess my sitaution in morning n then decide.
R: Take a leave.
Me: hmmm.
R: wat hmm? kitni CL bachi hai?
me: dunno
R: kitni EL bachi hai?
me: dunno.
R: arre, sab lapse ho jayegee, encash hoti hai kya?
me: dunno.
R: don't talk to me.
me: hmmm.


bored, bored and bored, B-(
something seriously needs to be done.
there is so much to write but not feeling like writing anything.