Monday, December 27, 2004

boring boring and boring.....

Sis: how much tax do u pay?
me: dunno, it gets deducted every month.
sis: u don't know how much is deducted.
me: no.
sis: kuch savings kari hai tax save karne ke liye.
me: nahi
sis: accha Pf kitna kat ta hai.
me: dunno.
sis: kitne saal se tax pay kar raha hai?
me: 5
sis: and kahi savings nahi kari?
me: nope.
sis: koi LIC?
me: yes.
sis: premium kitna hai?
me: hmmm..bhool gaya.


R: don't go to work tomorrow if u r not well.
Me: hmmm.
R: I know as usual, u r not listening.
me: hmm..nahhh, nothing like that, as usual I'm listening.
R: So..conclusion.
Me: ya, will assess my sitaution in morning n then decide.
R: Take a leave.
Me: hmmm.
R: wat hmm? kitni CL bachi hai?
me: dunno
R: kitni EL bachi hai?
me: dunno.
R: arre, sab lapse ho jayegee, encash hoti hai kya?
me: dunno.
R: don't talk to me.
me: hmmm.


bored, bored and bored, B-(
something seriously needs to be done.
there is so much to write but not feeling like writing anything.



Akruti said...

Me:Kya karna chahthein ho
U: dunno
Me:arre kyon bore ho raha hai
Me:,koi wajah,koi kaam nahi hai kya
U:don't know

Right,its getting boring,so do something :)

Anonymous said...

boredom is under-rated... mujh jaise insaan se poocho bore hone ki kya value hai.. zindagi main most of the time bore hi hota rehta hoon

Parii said...

Gosh and I thought I was the only one feeling so damn bored and uninterested in everything nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Stone....i understand why you are like precisely the same...just do things cause you have to do...with out rhyme or reason...I sometimes wonder - is this good or bad??? :)

Pallavi said...

happens to me sometime too :)

Stone said...

@Neels: LOL, yes that was indeed boring :-), no worries.

@handa: Exactly same sentiments here mere bhai.

@Whirlwings: hmmm, dunno, but in my case it was coz of some small things in the sub-conscious.

@Anon: Its good, trust me on that.

@Pallavi: Yay..yay..true Gemini :-)