Friday, October 22, 2004

Tons of memories.....

Random look into one of the drawer; contents unchanged since 1999.

* movie tickets of KC Theatre,Chandigarh dated 25th Oct 97, saturday 9pm show.
* college final year identity card dated 08-08-95..validity till 30-04-96.
* a prescription by Dr.Satish K. Batra for Ms.B, dated 20-April-97
* many careless papers with songs written on them....
* juvenile recorded audio cassettes.
* numerous gift-wrappers, all preserved along with the gifts received.
* one reynolds jetter pen(gray color, exams special) along with its pack in which it came.
* innumerable toffee and choclate (mostly five star) wrappers.
* 1000 pens.
* Hanuman chaalisa.
* 1 Mouth organ.
* unforgettable coins with finger prints still intact.
* 2 old wallets.
* packs of balloons.
* one tiny "eItr" bottle, manipuri friend Rabi Singh gave this to me sometime in 1998.
* one "elephant-shape" brass key chain (along with key of my hostel room)