Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Mann yeh baavra, tujh bin maane na...
Dhunde raat din kya, baavra..."


Another fine example of collective failure, 41 runs in last 15 overs I dunno how to react to this statistics.
First that one run defeat and now this spineless display, ridiculous.

Or deciding to bat first was a wrong decision in itself, that clearly showed that one-run defeat managed to dent their confidence.

Venugopal Rao is no substitute for Yuvi, and as I always say he along with Kaif are not one day players, they both need time and lots of time to settle down, and they settle down only when batsman from other end is keeping scoreboard moving, otherwise they both end up losing their wicket after wasting fair number of balls.

But again, question remains the same, WHERE IS THE BATTING BENCH STRENGTH??

I'm in real bad mood, so I might end up critizing Chappel's strategies, Dravid's captainship, Raina's immaturity etc etc, I better stop here, and hope they redeem themselves in Trinidad.