Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm yearning to watch....'Yuva'..once more, again for the sake of brilliant brilliant direction (I do not understand fancy words like cinematography etc.)
-- that 'jail mein kabaddi' and that beach par 'deodorant/toothpaste' ki ad jaisa song..'Aey khuda..shukriya..meharbaaani....pal do pal kya miley mil gayeee..pareshaaanii......Anjanaaaa Anjaaaaani....'

Well, on 2nd July, completed 2 yrs. in blogger's park!!
Kinda bored but chalta hai yaar....!

Waiting for Sunday....two of my all-time favorites are clashing it out for Wimbledon title!!
And of course its gonna be Italy Vs France, and I support Italy any day!
Whoever wins, a new star 'Franck Ribery' has emerged!!