Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm yearning to watch....'Yuva'..once more, again for the sake of brilliant brilliant direction (I do not understand fancy words like cinematography etc.)
-- that 'jail mein kabaddi' and that beach par 'deodorant/toothpaste' ki ad jaisa song..'Aey khuda..shukriya..meharbaaani....pal do pal kya miley mil gayeee..pareshaaanii......Anjanaaaa Anjaaaaani....'

Well, on 2nd July, completed 2 yrs. in blogger's park!!
Kinda bored but chalta hai yaar....!

Waiting for Sunday....two of my all-time favorites are clashing it out for Wimbledon title!!
And of course its gonna be Italy Vs France, and I support Italy any day!
Whoever wins, a new star 'Franck Ribery' has emerged!!


Handa said...

i thought you were a cricket fan.. wimbledon and footer.. kya hua guru?

Raghav said...

May the Best Team win.. i m footing for Italy too, pal

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude!

How's it going? Sorry - not able to keep in touch - not even write posts, i've had too many things goings on in life....

How are you?

Anonymous said...

that's me CrazyJoy - forgot to mention...

Ekta said...

for some reaosn i thot the direction of yuva was pathetic though grt songs!

shub said...

Federer wonnnn:D
FIFA finals, the less said about it, the better. Hmph.

Stone said...

@Handa:: I'm a cricket fanatic!! and follow almost all sports except Bridge and F1.

@Raghav:: Yes, atlast Italy my favorite team won, they conceded just 2 goals, one thru that dubicious penalty and other self goal.

@CrazyJoy:: Good to see you man!!, I'm absolutely fine, and ur statement "i've had too many things goings on in life...." makes me curious ;-)

@Ekta:: hmm..wat to say....though that was harsh!!

@Shub:: King won :-) , finals were much better than what we had in earlier edition, it was shocking to see Zidane's behaviour!

Anand said...

boy were the sunday matches awesome!!!

Prasad said...

wohoo... u r a big time Italian fan too?? greattt.. i've got some company atlast... :D
r u in orkut? cos there we all had a big clash as to who will win it..and poor me.. didn't have any other support for Italy!!
but yeah... our team did it!! thanks to Cannavaro, Buffon n Pirlo.. the three main architects..
And yeah.. the tennis was also gud.. nadal is coming gud in grass too.. but Federer is the best :D by a longgg way still..
shall i send u an invite for orkut, if u r not thr... cos lots of our blog friends r there n we do have discussions very often thr :D

And yeah.. congrats on completing 2 yrs in the blogworld.. thts a longgg time.. :D

Arunima said...

congrats on completing 2 yrs from your langotiya yaar in the blogging world.

we started together mate. don't give up.

Stone said...

@Anand:: Watching tennis n soccer on a lazy bliss :-)

@Prasad:: Atlast Italy got what they deserved. Loved the way they played in the semis and kept the nerves in the final.
Ya, I came to know thru ur blog abt discussions u guys have on orkut. I'm already there, kinda new on orkut, tell me how can I add you?
Federer is KING, all time GREAT!, well, Nadal is doing pretty good too, let see how he fares in times to come, so far he has been very impressive.
Yep, man 2 yrs, even I find it bit awkward :-)

@Arunima:: Hi, Thank you :-) and I clearly remember yours was one of the first few blogs which 'inspired' me start my own :-)
And I remember I read all ur blog-entries in one day :-)
Yes, I'll not give up, thanks once again!

manuscrypts said...

two much, i say ;)

Prasad said...

go to the friend's tab in ur orkut.. and try inviting me using my gmail id -
then it'll say am already in orkut and will give my link..
this is the easiest way to search and add :)