Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Life consists of few days..few good and few bad days decide our whole lives" it boils down to decisions we make!!..hmm these or something like these lines from movie 'Riding in cars with boys' have been ringing in my head for past...say two months....simple lines, we all know abt it..but still.....


'Million Dollar Baby', another remarkable movie, that casted some sort of spell on me, it happened after long time, last time Shawshank Redemption did more than that!!

**** cup is in full seriously interesting n aggressive this time!!

World cup never fails to bring back memories..and hell lot of all started with 'Mexico-86' WC, and the semfinal between Argentina n England was one of the my earliest memories of the game.

Surprisingly, Germany the most boring team is playing good aggressive brand of Brazil is out of it, I support Italy like the way I did in Italia 90' though that time Baggio broke the heart.....thats another story.

Money does something to people, I always knew this but here daily I see this reality in its stark naked sense!!
There is nothing called 'bondings' or 'friendship', rather its all about using people, and making false pride and bank balance swell!


Noisy, be it watering plants or cleaning the streets with huge vaccum cleaners or manicuring the shrubs...all these machines have one thing in common they make a hell lot of noise, good enough to scare away the sleep for couple of days... disappointments in wifey calls them!


Bravo n Sarwan, all set to create history in Sabina Park :-( ...dunno why such things happen with us.

Edited* -- Kumble did it!!! yessss.....!!!


Ekta said...

yes indeed does do something to people and most of the times...takes away more than it gives!

Handa said...

guru... aap paise waale ho isiliye aise bol sakte ho.. kabhi hum garibo se poocho.. tab samajh mein aayega...
the reason for the shawshankian effect is very simple.. both movies have the narration by the same guy .. his holiness morgan freeman. and in both movies he is doing the same thing... watching over the precedings from a distance.

shub said...

yes yes yes !! we wonnnnnnnnn! :D

Anand said...

Completely agree on the million dollar baby piece...simple awesome movie! Never fails to inspire u!

Arunima said...

missed shawshank...

86 world cup was also one of my earlieast memories of the game. The woman in me says, "My God, I am growing old." :-)

Stone said...

@Ekta::..ahh...such is life!

@Handa:: Bandhu kis ne kaha hum paise waale hai!! Well MDB was a complete Hilary Swank show!!

@Shub:: Atlast something to cheer abt!!

@Anand:: Very true!! Just loved it.

@Arunima:: Then u r surely missing something watch it ASAP.
Well, and my heart feels like Aamir Khan of 'RDB", too old to be young and too young to be old!

Prasad said...

hmm.. my memory of WC goes back to 90s.. when i started watching soccer with great passion.. and ofcourse.. can never forget the great keeper Walter Zenga who left jus one goal(in semis against Argentina) which was enough for them to go out of the tournament..
There were some great players like Schillachi n Vialli..
Then came the Baggio episode.. he is a greatttt footballer.. no doubt abt tht.. but tht penalty miss was tooooo costly..
Am soo happy tht i got one occassion where i can celebrate Italian WC victory :D
OMG!!.. see i can go yakking alottt abt Italy n Football... :P

Prasad said...

btw, forgot to mention tht Baggio episode was in WC '94 where Italy finished runners up to Brazil..
In 1990, they lost to Argentina in the semis n came third..
I still remember Canigia scored the winning goal.. a header against Italy which the keeper Zenga was unable to save.. and tht was the only goal he allowed.. :(