Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths/ Enwrought with golden and silver light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet;
But I, being poor, have only my dreams
...Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.'

longing for some good coffee...
.... I hate coming to work after 3 days long weekend!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Friday, May 26, 2006

Another loss, well its very easy to criticize when things go wrong, and I'm good at it B-(

Lets begin with batting order:
We are not playing with regular openers, and Dravid's way of leading by example by filling in for an opener is somehow not doing any good to team.No doubt he is best player, most dependable player in both form of games but his position is ONE-DOWN, like I always advocate 'Opening' and 'One-Down' are the specialist position, and should not be fiddled around much.

Has anyone we ever seen Ponting opening the inning?? no, coz one-down guy regulates the inning, controls the flow of inning. He is the best man for them to do so.They rather prefer Clark or Katich to fill-in for an injured or out-form Hayden/Gilchrist, but never Ponting.

And in our case when Dravid opens, there is no one mentally strong enough to take-up the one-down slot. The policy of flexible middle-order is good, but having a floating one-down batsman is bad. I'm sure none in team knows who will go one down in next game. They have tried Pathan(in a low scoring game, another flaw in strategy),Raina,Yuvi,Dhoni,Rao,Kaif but no ever came close to batting throughout the inning and control the flow.

Another important position is ODIs is number 5, at number 5 there should be a guy who can play BIG shots guys like Andrew Symonds or Flintoff not like Kaifs or Raos who at most can score a double after wasting a dozen balls. Yuvraj is best suited for number 5 so that he can come start scoring from the first ball unlike Kaifs and Raos who take (only God knows how much) time to settle.

In current situation, without Sachin and badly out of form Sehwag, whole team depends on Dravid and Yuvraj, and with Dravid opening the inning, and a makeshift one-down batsman and Yuvi coming at number 4 makes the batting order looks very fragile in the event of Dravid or Yuvi getting out cheaply. As we all know, we do not have batting bench strength, so more or less we can only re-shuffle these guys here n there n Rao filling in for out-of-form Kaif or injured Yuvraj. It is only foolish to rely on Dhoni or Pathan each time. Top order batman should come forward take the responsibility of scoring.

Bas bahut ho gaya yaar, main khud bore ho gaya yeh sab likh kar...no worries, all is well at work and at home, bas aise hi.... ;-)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Mann yeh baavra, tujh bin maane na...
Dhunde raat din kya, baavra..."


Another fine example of collective failure, 41 runs in last 15 overs I dunno how to react to this statistics.
First that one run defeat and now this spineless display, ridiculous.

Or deciding to bat first was a wrong decision in itself, that clearly showed that one-run defeat managed to dent their confidence.

Venugopal Rao is no substitute for Yuvi, and as I always say he along with Kaif are not one day players, they both need time and lots of time to settle down, and they settle down only when batsman from other end is keeping scoreboard moving, otherwise they both end up losing their wicket after wasting fair number of balls.

But again, question remains the same, WHERE IS THE BATTING BENCH STRENGTH??

I'm in real bad mood, so I might end up critizing Chappel's strategies, Dravid's captainship, Raina's immaturity etc etc, I better stop here, and hope they redeem themselves in Trinidad.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Attention Span

I clearly lack the normal attention span of 7 minutes normal human beings possess, in my case it takes me 2 mins or 3 mins maximum for my mind to wander in some weird wilderness.
However annoying this sounds but its true I'm pretty bad in paying attention.

Mostly it happens while attending the office meetings for some ultra-critical crisis, after 2 minutes of huffin puffin..I get lost.
And whatever I notedown on my writingpad seems a mountain to climb or just a cake-walk, and results in procrastination.

And the moment I leave the meeting room, I go blank, and after
settling on my desk I try to make sense of gibberish which I noted
down with sincerity of a third-umpire. After minutes of struggle, I decide to take a coffee break before further more deciphering the short forms I used during meeting, and checking of all mail accounts after every three minutes goes on without saying.

(for the record, this stands true only during official hours! Ok wifey)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

San Francisco Snaps

Visit to San Francisco began with a ride on Cable Car.

View from Cable car; Famous San Francisco Sine-Wave roads...

First glimpse of PACIFIC from Cable Car.

At Fishermans Warf Appu n Wifey..waiting to board the ship.

While waiting, customary snap of the first ship spotted in sea.

Again killing time sitting next to submarine museum.

And birdwatching :-)

At last the cruise begins..

About to cross Golden Gate Bridge.

On wayback from Golden Gate Bridge, saw this..the Famous ALCATRAZ ISLAND PRISON

And this on prison wall caught my attention.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekly update

Appu arrived from singapore.
Went to Fremont for dinner.

Nothing as such, spent time nearby home, watched Darna Zaroori Hai in night.

Went to San Francisco, took the cruise to Golden Gate bridge.

Watched Mission Impossible Part-3, first day last show.

Went to Half Moon Bay to see sunset but weather played spoil sport, anyway drive till beaches on Pacific compensated well.

Appu's last day with us, dropped him to San Francisco In'tl airport.
In the evening went to Fremont.

Went to Elizabeth lake, enjoyed boating there.

hmm..now thinking of posting some of the snaps soon :-)

Friday, May 05, 2006


Better than Part-2, but not as good as Part-1.

In all, Mission Impossible Part-3 is worth spending time and money.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What if?

God created this world and then moved off to do something else, probably interesting.

And here we are sitting on the land of a freaking revolving planet of a freaking so-called solar system.

There are millions of galaxies around, billions of stars, planets and what not.

And what if one fine day, out of curiosity the head of anyone of the super powers countries decides to blow-up the Earth?? Then what??

Monday, May 01, 2006

Before I forget I have to write this down.(will capture it soon too)
My heart burns to see my sideburns or non-existent sideburns, through out my life I always maintained normal length, neither long nor short, and now suddenly there r no sideburns.
Lady simply asked my 'how do you like ur sideburns, and I replied short....'wooosh' in one stroke she removed their existence. And I continued the polite smile with 100 khanjars in my heart.

Now, I look like Mithun-da of mid eighties (minus a muffler).


Movies seen
1) The Grudge
2) The Hunting

Movies started but couldn't finish
1) Bunty aur Bubly
2) Pyaare Mohan

3) Darna zaroori hai