Friday, May 19, 2006

Attention Span

I clearly lack the normal attention span of 7 minutes normal human beings possess, in my case it takes me 2 mins or 3 mins maximum for my mind to wander in some weird wilderness.
However annoying this sounds but its true I'm pretty bad in paying attention.

Mostly it happens while attending the office meetings for some ultra-critical crisis, after 2 minutes of huffin puffin..I get lost.
And whatever I notedown on my writingpad seems a mountain to climb or just a cake-walk, and results in procrastination.

And the moment I leave the meeting room, I go blank, and after
settling on my desk I try to make sense of gibberish which I noted
down with sincerity of a third-umpire. After minutes of struggle, I decide to take a coffee break before further more deciphering the short forms I used during meeting, and checking of all mail accounts after every three minutes goes on without saying.

(for the record, this stands true only during official hours! Ok wifey)


manuscrypts said...

hehe.. nice disclaimer :)

ElizaG said...

hey..i feel your pain! Im exactly the same...which isnt very handy right now as Im meant to be sitting my final exams..
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Thanks heaps!

Prasad said...

LOL at the final disclaimer!!! :))
and whats this?? normal attention span is 7mins?? woohooo... thts too much.. even i can't stay in attention tht long.. for me i guess it'll be close to 4-5 mins..

btw, did u see the second ODI bwn WI n India.. i happen to see it till 4.30am IST and i regret it now!!! :( after tht, couldn't sleep believing what i saw!!

Stone said...

@manuscrypts:: :-)

@ElizaG:: Surely, will take the survey!

@Prasad:: Ya I saw the match, I got up at 7am which way early as per my weekend standards, and same here I'm too still in shock n to some extent bad mood :-(