Monday, June 15, 2015

Rule# 93)

Struggle is inevitable, struggle makes one eminent. 

We all are born to struggle, but struggle in a positive way. We all need to struggle to become better with each and every passing moment. 

Live every moment, learn every moment, everything you do, do it with full determination with an intention of helping everyone around you. And most importantly –

93) Enjoy the struggle.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

बेबसी है , तन्हाई है , बेक़रारी है 
दिन कटा नहीं काटा है 
रात गुज़री नहीं गुज़ारी है 

दिल डूबता है और सांस भारी है 
जिए जाने की रसम जारी है 

दिन कटा नहीं काटा है 
रात गुज़री नहीं गुज़ारी है 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rule# 92

92) Make someone fall in trust with you.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

World Cup Cricket 2015 - INDIA's journey

So finally, world cup ended, at least for India, so ek post toh banti hai.
I would not call India’s journey in it as an interesting or boring, but definitely would call it weird.

Let me try to explain why I’m calling it a weird journey –

  1. After pathetic performance in the preceding test series and ODI tri-series who would have imagined them to reach the semi-finals and how.
  2. Ask yourself, how confident were you when India played Pakistan in the opener;
  3. And confess it, despite win against Pakistan, we totally made peace with the fact that we’ll be thrashed left, right and center by South Africa in next one.
  4. Beating South Africa at their own game, i.e. making good use of large MCG by rotating strike, by converting ones into twos, and running out two of their key players, was not less than a miracle; and in their next game while watching ABVD thrashing WI we truly believed Mohit Sharma should have been given MoM just for his throw which ran out ABVD.
  5. Then came WI, we lost 6 wickets in chasing 180+ runs, we won mostly because of some sensible batting by Dhoni n Ashwin, and some senseless captaincy by Holder.
  6. UAE game does not count at all.
  7. Zimbabwe, Ireland gave some serious scare, especially Taylor’s hitting and Irish opener’s stand. Our bowling looked pedestrian and clueless.
  8. Then came, QF against B’desh – again it was a serious affair; B’desh was riding high on Mahmudullah’s  back to back 100’s and Soumya Sarkar’s Ganguly like flair; they did exceedingly well against England and New Zealand. In QF, we were not 100% sure of the win, it was a pretty even game till one point, India barely managed to win some crucial periods of play (or B’desh lost due to their inexperience and enormity of the situation) and hence the game.

So with all that 70/70, 7-0, and 11 consecutive WC wins hype, we faced the not-so-formidable hosts Australia; though it warrants a post on itself, but I’ll not go in detail, will not bore myself with my own over analysis.

So what went wrong after ‘such-a-strong-showing’?

In reality, nothing new happened, we failed because we failed to acknowledge our problems, or address our problems; in simple straight forward terms we lost because –

  1. Even after spending 4/5 months in Australia, we still don’t know what to do with STEVE SMITH.
  2. We still don’t know how to blow away the tail-enders.
  3. Our tail-enders still don’t know how to hold their ground against a quality opposition.

At one point, when Smith n Maxwell were pummeling everything out of park, score of 370+ seems inevitable, then sudden 3 wicket collapse (Smith/Maxwell/Finch) brought India back in game but we lost the plot thereon, we allowed shoddy and out of form Watson to survive, we allowed Clark to free is arms now and then, even till then score looked manageable, but we committed biggest folly by allowing Faulkner some free runs and finally letting Johnson score 27 off just 9 balls. Such complacency is inexcusable. All the late flourish shifted the whole momentum.

We started the chase well, Rohit and Dhawan had their share of luck early which was again a good omen, but when you’re chasing 325+ you tend to overdo things; with 70+ runs onboard with healthy 6+ RR, again casualness in approach creeped in;

Dhawan’s dismissal is a prime example of that, may be got bored or what, he tried something stupid out of curiosity and picked the only man parked in the deep. Boredom.

Kohli weighed himself down with expectation of whole team and country, he started with out-of-character extremely cautious approach and played a maiden over.
And in very next over, he suddenly realized he is 'THE KOHLI' and he needs to exude that and try to dominate Johnson. As a result he played an expensive shot which was not there. Overconfidence.

Rohit was best at being Rohit, scored an effortless 6 and got bowled effortlessly next ball. Casualness.

Let’s not get more into it, but before I stop, one last thing, Dhoni is not a magician; he cannot think for every guy; he needs a stronger supporting cast during ‘strategizing’ he alone cannot do it all. He needs better support from guys like Raina/Ashwin/Kohli/Jadeja. 
And guys like Jadeja need to rise themselves, they have talent, they should NOT be content with their current situation; Steve Smith and Maxwell are prime example, how these guys raised their games season after season and became best batsman after starting their career at no. 7/8.

Anyways, finally the weirdness has ended; started with low expectations, and reached unreasonably higher expectations, and crashed down expectedly but crashed down in a manner that made it look unacceptable.

Hopefully, guys will learn from this roller coaster experience and will become better in the times to come.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rule# 91

Build Character.
There is no single way to build it, there is no one-time or single thing that needs to done for this.
It is about everything you do; all small things, such as giving full attention to whoever you’re interacting with, like keeping your promises (even made in a lighter vein) even though others forget about it or don’t remain as important for them. Become dependable and trustworthy. Seek excellence in whatever you do.

You must be thinking by now, ‘what’s new about this?’ 
Agreed, it’s all simple stuff but it is the simple stuff that we tend to overlook the most.

So, here’s next rule my son.

91) Build Character.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rule# 90

90)  Whatever, whatever whatever, you have no right to belittle anyone. Always be humble, and respectful.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Rule# 89

Day-light saving start/end always disrupts my schedule, thankfully it happens over weekend so becomes manageable; but when month changes over weekend, it seriously throws my mind in chaos.

89) Be wary of month change happening over weekend.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rule# 88

88) Seek out your next challenge, only overcoming challenges changes us.

Right after I wrote this, something happened in my head, and I delved deeper to find why I wrote this.
So, (in my case at least) what happens is when you reveal your fears to people who are close to you, and in most of the cases they accept you ‘along with your fears’ and that very moment ‘those fears’ become permanent in your mind.
All this sounds pretty normal and harmless, even sounds good that close friends accepting your fears and flaws, but it also does a damage which can go a long way. So if someone confides their fears to you then definitely respect them but not in a way that they makes them stay that way (i.e. live with their fears forever) but in a way that encourages them to face and overcome them.
And when you are the one with fears then only way out is to face them.