Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rule# 87

Whenever in doubt, dilemma confusion over a decision.
Consider these 3 options–
1) Do what is best for your child; without any compromise.
2) Decide, if doing this will make my parents proud or ashamed of me.
3) Do what is in everyone’s interest,is  practical and is cost-effective.

After considering these 3 options –

87) Do what your wife says :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rule# 86

Its same time of the year when people make resolutions that last for on-average 3 weeks most. 
I’ll talk about something that has been troubling me for years now, by the end of this post hope that ‘troubling’ usage will make sense.

So what really keeps people motivated to stick to their resolutions or side tracking from them?
Some don’t make their resolutions public, and work secretly on them and at some point the will to carry out fades away, and since know no one really knew about it, so it becomes quite acceptable in the head to go lenient with them and eventually shun them. That was pretty straightforward.

Now, let’s talk about the people who publically declare their resolutions or confide them to a select group or person(s).
For some disclosing resolutions make them work hard towards achieving their goals, and ( this is the fun (or troubling) part) for some disclosing resolutions have an exact OPPOSITE reaction, the moment they declare their intentions, their plans, their future course of actions , at that very moment their brain gets some sort of signals of accomplishments or fulfilment. And they STOP right there. 
Unfortunately, I belong to later group, who chalk out a detailed strategy for my resolutions, and disclose them to others even in more detailed way about  how I’m going to do this and that and that etc. etc. And after that my brain gets some sort of comfort, it feels as if it has achieved all the goals. Or maybe I over-simply everything, and brain in its own brain thinks ‘Oh that is easy, I can do that anytime I want to, so nothing urgent, take it easy, everything is under control’. As a result NOTHING gets done.
So my dear son, please please don’t belong to this group, it is a sure shot recipe for disaster.  I sincerely pray to God that you don’t inherit my this trait.

86) So in short, please make a conscious effort and don’t be like me when it comes to resolutions.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rule# 85

Sometimes it is okay to fail, and sometimes it is okay to fail again and again. But what is not okay is to fail again and again for the same reason. Similarly it is okay to have boring and unproductive days, but definitely NOT OKAY to have boring and unproductive days because of the same reason.

85) Don’t LIVE the same day again and again.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Rule# 84)

84) Go ahead and FIX IT.

Yes, just fix it, whatever it is.
Be it a relationship or a toy or anything; be it cleaning up the clutter, go ahead just FIX IT. 
Remember usually it is the reluctance to change things or finding a temporary workaround or leaving it to be done ‘LATER’ leads to a stage when fixing it becomes overwhelming; and immediate solution appears only to discard it. Don’t let that ‘built-up’ happen. 
And if all else fails, remember sometimes discarding something is also ‘fixing’ it. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rule# 83

83) Just having right tools won’t take you anywhere; only "your will", and “will to apply yourself” would.

I’ll tell you an incident here, when I was 12/13 ( by the way, most of the interesting things happened to me when I was 12/13), as I was youngest child, so always used to have more than enough supply of ‘hand-me-downs’ be it toys or clothes or books; so during midterm exams, before mathematics exam I felt the ‘urgent’ need to buy another ‘guide book’, though I had at least 3 other books available ( like Manjeet Singh etc.) but I was adamant and thought I’ll fail if I don’t get this new book.
After little persuasion parents agreed to buy me this new book, I remember there was a gap of three days between exams, I was just so contented with my new possession, and in my head assumed that now I've the book and can study it anytime I want to; As a result I wasted whole 2 and half days, and struggled to make use of remaining half day ( by the way, there was a cricket tournament going on in Sharjah), and failed miserable in the exam, for record I got 3 out of 20. That was devastating at that time.

I still make same mistakes for different things, but I want you to realize this early on. At least try to make sense of it early on.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rule# 82

82) When someone does something wrong, don't forget all the things they did right.

Rule# 81

81) You and only you are responsible for what goes inside your body;
Think 100 times before eating/drinking anything, to check if that is in sync with the 'future physical image' you have about yourself.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rule# 80

80) Don't let anger or joy cloud your vision, specially anger.
      Analyze your anger, and you'll find the reason within.
      Keep thinking my dear son.