Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So finally fall has fallen in bay area….and it’s raining ‘beautifully’, normally it drizzles and drizzles for days but that’s no fun.
Today it is actually ‘Raining’ …raining like good size drops falling with some rhythm and intensity.
It is something which I’m sure always touches everyone not just physically…sometimes it makes one sad and sometimes happy and most of the time ‘in-between’ …. that funny feeling when you know something is amiss but you can’t put finger on that.
For the record, I’m HAPPY.

Last night saw two back-to-back movies of ‘Supriya Pathak’.

First one was ‘Wake Up Sid’, it was a crazy idea to go for a movie on a Monday evening, oddly one of American multiplex was running the shows of Wake Up Sid which is quite an unusual thing. So we went there, and whole complex was deserted…there were no digital board flashing show timings and all, just 3-4 kids were manning the tickets and snacks booths.

After purchasing the tickets we went to search for audi # 9 which was (obviously) in the farthest corner of the complex, and let me again emphasis on the ‘deserted’ part, all passages/foyer everything was devoid of a single soul, and of course our audi was EMPTY. It was just 4 of us there.
Whole setting was straight out from horror movies; where protagonists stop at some motel at some deserted place and turn on the TV in their rooms only to see themselves on screen.

Movie worked for me, though in promos, character of Ranbir looked like a hybrid of Lakshay’s Hrithik and DCH’s Aamir and music sounded like re-cycled tunes/lyrics of Rock On/Luck By Chance, and ‘iktara’ a left over of Aamir/DevD.

Whole casting worked for me, Ranbir fitted the role to the T, and he didn’t require any special effort to get that dork look, and Konkana was her usual self though I hated her kurtas, I mean the colors. Now it’s tough to imagine anyone else portraying Sid n Aisha’s role.
Movie had all elements of a regular masala movie..like childhood friend se ladai and patch up; father-son confrontations; realization of mother’s ‘taken-for-granted’ love; not realizing that ‘it-is-love-till-the-last-reel’; Emotional quadrangle between ‘Ranbir-New(irritating)Girl-Konkana-Rahul (copying his younger brother)’ but treatment of all these was good…simple straightforward no melodrama!

Here's the pic.
Late night, I saw ‘Bazaar’ for the first time in one straight sitting and totally blown away with the performances/dialogues/direction and of course music. It’s just plain impossible to write about Smita Patil/Naseeruddin Shah/Faroque Sheikh/Supriya Pathak and other characters. A must watch for everyone.