Wednesday, August 17, 2005

longish post with sick end!

well.....I'm back after another lil battle with sore-throat/paining-cheek-bones/burning-eyes and wat not!!! Still on medication, roxid/allegra-120. B-(
I hate to be sick...or not being fully physically fit.
BTW, had hectic past 3-4 days.....

Friday evening, left office @6:30pm/ Spent the 2hrs @ Ansal's plaza, all alone, checked almost all jewelers shops there/ Purchased a Swarovski ring for wifey.

got up @4:30am, took 6:15am Shatabdi/ reached lko at 12:30pm/ had big lunch/ parents too reached there by 4:30pm flight/ had evening tea with them/ went for a drive with Money(i think he wanted to say something but...)/ had dinner at Lko's best hotel.

got up @7am, went to "Neem-saar" and some 12 other religious places in the vicinity,/ at "Vyaas-Gaddi (place where Rishi Vyas wrote 4 vedas, 6 puranas and 12 shashtra) some insect got into my pant and bite me, on inspection behind some trees found 2 extra-Large RED ants (with wings)./ Came back @7pm, went to market, @9pm attended a dinner party hosted by family./ Came back @12am.

got up @8am, left for " Deva Sharif, the tomb of Haji Syed Waris Ali Shah "(60kms away from lko, at barabanki), loved the place, it was very very peaceful. came back @1pm, went for lunch at some-known's place, came back @2:30pm, packed the bags, left for station @3:10pm, reached Delhi @10:30pm, and reached home @12am.

got up at 12:30pm/ reason above/ result....roxid/allegra-120. :-(

maine pyaar kyu kiya!!
shaadi karke phas gaya!!
my wife's murder!!

Sick...thats sick. :-P