Friday, February 26, 2010

tweets :-)

har ek saans main jo leta hoon....bas tujhe awaaz deta hoon!

bazeecha-e-atfal hai duniya mere aagey......

Koi sune ya na sune kehti rehti hai...kuch likh kar kuch zubaani.....

when you have a problem, if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past, if you lie it becomes a part of your future!!

Ganga naha le...Chahe tilak laga le.... Kismat ka likha hua... Tale na taale

hahaha look at the 'Cricketic Justice' - :-)

First Honda recalls..and now Toyota recalls and Ford showing a sale-increase of 25%....boss kuch to gadbad hai.....

Just finished watching 'Munna Bhai B.Tech' err....aka 3 idiots.

Google's like twitter/FB combined...but don't think anyone will use it :-)

Pankhon ko hawa Zara si lagne do .... Love this song!

zara se dil ke goshe mein hazaaron gham tadapte hain
zara se khoon ke katre ko shikaayat hai zamaane se

Enjoy your job, make lots of money, work within the law. Choose any two.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh yeah, a lot is happening at my end, but it’s just that I’m not updating it here.
And this is not about all that. Few weeks more that’s it.

At other fronts, it’s pretty much mundane, same story as usual, losing hair, and teeth enamel. Gross I know.
Also nails are turning brittle clearly suggesting lack of calcium intake, and I’m so glad my mom doesn’t know all this.
While we’re at it, though weighing scale shows couple of kilos less, but waist line refuses to budge. Yeah, clearly a victim of weapons of mass destruction here aka cheese and soda.

On another useless note, I'm listening to songs of movie 'Dhun'..remember anyone? Talat Aziz's launch vehicle as hero against Sangeeta Bijlani, which never got released :-)

Ahh Sangeeta Bijlani another interestingly useless topic...well let's leave her for some other day ;-)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Once emperor Akbar asked Birbal to write something which will make him happy whenever he is sad, and sad when he is happy.

And Birbal wrote - "haan.... waqt yeh bhi guzar jaayega"

And I find myself repeating this in my mind these days!

Friday, February 05, 2010

aur phir yun hua
raat ek khwaab ne jaga diya.....

phir yun hua....chaand ki woh dalli ghhul gayi
aur yun hua ..khwaab ki woh laddi khul gayi....

jalti rahi be-noorian, jalte rahe andheron ki roshni ke taley

phir nahi so sake..ek sadi ke liye..hum diljale
phir nahi so sake..ek sadi ke liye..hum diljale

aur phir yun hua
suboh ki dhool ne udda diya
aur phir yun hua
suboh ki dhool ne udda diya

phir yun hua...chehre ke naqsh sab dhul gaye
aur yun hua, gard they gard mein rul gaye

tanhaiya odhey huey galtey rahe bheegey huye aasuon se galey....

phir nahi so sake..ek sadi ke liye..hum diljale
ek sadi ke liye..hum diljale