Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Drop Patel w.e.f YESTERDAY

Indra Dev played spoil sport on Monday or HE punished us for not wrapping up the match in 4 days, I've never seen a pathetic wicket-keeping performance ever in my life, ball was not sticking to his gloves or I wonder his gloves were too big for his non-existent hands.

No being a 19 year old is no excuse for such performance after all you are doing national duty and you are supposed to do your best, at least you should appear to be doing your best. Patel dropped at least 4 catches and 2-3 stumpings when it mattered most; these misses can't be justified by any number of runs scored by him. And dropping Hayden/Gilchrist and missing of stumping of Clark is a not a mistake, its a CRIME if not sin. Apart from missed chances he gave some 19 extras as byes.

Now as we go into next test, selectors have picked up Nehra in place of injured Pathan, I really wish they don't include him in playing XI, after all replacement of Pathan can't be a "only" bowler, Agarkar should get nod ahead of Nehra coz of his batting abilities. Selection of Yuvraj as opener ahead of Chopra is also baffling, with all respect to his one-dayers prowess, he is simply not suitable as an opener in test-matches that too against opponent like Aussies. His footwork is suspect against new-moving ball, and even if he gets some runs he gets them in quick time, which doesn't helps the middle order, coz other than making runs the role of an opener is also to take shine off the ball and do not expose the middle order to the new ball.

Mr.Ganguly use your resources intelligently next time and please don’t let any Gillespie to stay at crease for four hours again.

Lets hope they do something extra-ordinary in the remaining matches and retain the Gavaskar-Border trophy.