Thursday, October 14, 2004

Something in air....

After ages winters are setting in at the right time, and I really wish it remains so unlike the other seasons of delhi, weather of delhi is one of its craziest facet, when it rains it rains like hell and floods every nook n corner, in winters fog engulfs the whole city and in summers, mercury soars to new records every other day.

Last year I remember wollens were required only after December first week onwards.;so seems like winters are in at right time.

These first few days of this change fills the air with some strange emotions( I dunno wat it is ..or various states of unhappiness or incompleteness/ 'haawaon mein guzare mausam ki khusboo hai' :-) ) but I can feel it all the time ; people are finding this weather romantic/sexy and wat not, and this slight chill in air brings back many memories; memories that begin but do not end; memories cloud the mind as if I want to keep hearing about them; now I'm not making any sense :-)
this chill brings back....
1) morning assembly at school.
2) going with friends to watch "Ramlila" and feeling 'this' chill while coming back.
3) cribbing abt sun going down early, cutting off playing hours.
4) cold n damp lecture theatres and labs. at college.
5) late-night tea in hostel.

this chill is special, it brightens some dark corners.
this chill is special, it makes my days warm.

Experience teaches us a lot, but life has a way of keeping us constantly challenged by presenting us with fresh, thought-provoking situations.