Sunday, October 31, 2004

Last week’s ‘comings and goings’

They again selected the team without asking my opinion; as usual their selection doesn't matches mine. I would have preferred one middle order batsman (S.Sriram to be precise) instead of selecting two openers, that would have served as a warning to Laxman for taking his place for granted.
Selecting two openers doesn't make any sense to me, this will only add pressure on Gambhir; coz he knows if he fails to deliver then Jadhav is there to take his place. And at last they dropped Parthiv Patel*, I'm so relieved and happy about it, this time Aussie's trick didn't work with our selectors, as they always allow him to score some runs so that he gets selected for next match :-)
(*heard that he doesn't even catches cold :-D )

Our roads and traffic are just unrivaled, on same so-called road all types of contraptions run; thursday night I almost rammed into an was on its after dinner stroll on Nizammudin bridge that too in the fast moving right-most lane, and wow and I just love the color of it, it was beautifully intermingled with the darkness.

Watched an episode of "Indian Idol", there was mad rush at all audition centers....they should seriously consider re-naming it to "Indian IDLE".
In all show was pathetic, apart from Sonu Nigam other two judges Anu Malik and Farah Khan were too rude; they should be sued for humiliating people.

Reliance people have changed all the mobile numbers to ten-digit format as per TRAI instructions, so my number has also gone haywire.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Something for introspection...

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. "
Dante Alighieri(1265-1321).

~ G r a f f i t i ~

  • TACT :: Thinking twice before saying nothing.
  • ANXIETY :: Intense faith in the worst possible outcome.
  • Live in the past - it's tax-free.
  • Flattery is somebody's candied opinion.
  • Everytime bartender makes a mistake a new drink is born.
  • If your dog is fat you're not getting enough exercise.
  • Tennis stars are self-serving.
  • People who diet naturally are born losers.
  • Some people cure a nagging headache by getting a divorce.
  • Pessimists are NO-IT-ALLS.

by Gene Mora

Monday, October 25, 2004

SRK's :: in his every other movie is carrying Rani/Preity/Kajol in his arms...; no wonder then he complains of back pain.

this cold is killing me, one nostril is blocked and other is flowing..and then they swap roles.


hurraaaah Sachin is fit to play, but now whom Dada will drop from the side....Yuvi or Kaif?? Kaif in all probablity. Or u never know with Indian think tank's strategies, they might drop Yuvi and ask Patel to open.

These 3 days at home made me proficient in putting eye-drops in the eyes without any help.

Raavan is an another interesting "thing", yeh khatam nahi hota....har saaal jalta hai par bhasm nahi hota :-)

Another break-off.
Excerpt from her website
"In mutual consent, Kim Clijsters and Lleyton Hewitt decided to end their relationship. Private reasons have urged the couple. As a consequence, the announced wedding has been cancelled as well."


Graffiti by Gene Mora:: Every monday we look back at the good old days: Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Tons of memories.....

Random look into one of the drawer; contents unchanged since 1999.

* movie tickets of KC Theatre,Chandigarh dated 25th Oct 97, saturday 9pm show.
* college final year identity card dated 08-08-95..validity till 30-04-96.
* a prescription by Dr.Satish K. Batra for Ms.B, dated 20-April-97
* many careless papers with songs written on them....
* juvenile recorded audio cassettes.
* numerous gift-wrappers, all preserved along with the gifts received.
* one reynolds jetter pen(gray color, exams special) along with its pack in which it came.
* innumerable toffee and choclate (mostly five star) wrappers.
* 1000 pens.
* Hanuman chaalisa.
* 1 Mouth organ.
* unforgettable coins with finger prints still intact.
* 2 old wallets.
* packs of balloons.
* one tiny "eItr" bottle, manipuri friend Rabi Singh gave this to me sometime in 1998.
* one "elephant-shape" brass key chain (along with key of my hostel room)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Drop Patel w.e.f YESTERDAY

Indra Dev played spoil sport on Monday or HE punished us for not wrapping up the match in 4 days, I've never seen a pathetic wicket-keeping performance ever in my life, ball was not sticking to his gloves or I wonder his gloves were too big for his non-existent hands.

No being a 19 year old is no excuse for such performance after all you are doing national duty and you are supposed to do your best, at least you should appear to be doing your best. Patel dropped at least 4 catches and 2-3 stumpings when it mattered most; these misses can't be justified by any number of runs scored by him. And dropping Hayden/Gilchrist and missing of stumping of Clark is a not a mistake, its a CRIME if not sin. Apart from missed chances he gave some 19 extras as byes.

Now as we go into next test, selectors have picked up Nehra in place of injured Pathan, I really wish they don't include him in playing XI, after all replacement of Pathan can't be a "only" bowler, Agarkar should get nod ahead of Nehra coz of his batting abilities. Selection of Yuvraj as opener ahead of Chopra is also baffling, with all respect to his one-dayers prowess, he is simply not suitable as an opener in test-matches that too against opponent like Aussies. His footwork is suspect against new-moving ball, and even if he gets some runs he gets them in quick time, which doesn't helps the middle order, coz other than making runs the role of an opener is also to take shine off the ball and do not expose the middle order to the new ball.

Mr.Ganguly use your resources intelligently next time and please don’t let any Gillespie to stay at crease for four hours again.

Lets hope they do something extra-ordinary in the remaining matches and retain the Gavaskar-Border trophy.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Last 3 days.

Spent 3 long hours at Dr.Indrani Dasgupta's eye-clinic with eyes closed most of the time, thankfully nothing wrong with my eyes 6/6 but still she has suggested me two types of eye-drops for next ten days; and some anti-EMI glasses while working; now don't ask me the full form of EMI.

For the first time in my life I went to Dilli Haat with a friend, didn't like the place , it was too crowded and noisy. And from there proceeded to Ansal Plaza, that place was too exploding with people; its always a pain to shop with my this friend, coz his waist size is slightly more than 27, B-) so finding clothes for him makes me loose weight. (pain is wrong word but not fun for the sure)

Visited a relative at Sir Ganga Ram hospital; no matter how plush now a days hospitals look like but people there too wear desolate looks.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I am a Gemini.

I am a Gemini. (Also known as "Twins") My Horror-scope starts like this:

" Eternally childish - both intellectually and emotionally, a Gemini simply refuses to grow up, and will often mooch of off someone until old age.

His only true passion is pointless chatter, which he has mastered to perfection. A Gemini can talk for hours without ever getting to the point.

He reads little, but has an opinion on every issue - even though he will change it about a dozen times a week. It is not uncommon for a Gemini to become an actor or at least a "writer".

Geminis can't stand stress - neither physical nor mental.

Even though a Gemini loves to entertain guests, at best, he will have nothing more to offer than soda and chips. Usually though, it's just his endless and pointless ramblings. "

Find yours

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Something in air....

After ages winters are setting in at the right time, and I really wish it remains so unlike the other seasons of delhi, weather of delhi is one of its craziest facet, when it rains it rains like hell and floods every nook n corner, in winters fog engulfs the whole city and in summers, mercury soars to new records every other day.

Last year I remember wollens were required only after December first week onwards.;so seems like winters are in at right time.

These first few days of this change fills the air with some strange emotions( I dunno wat it is ..or various states of unhappiness or incompleteness/ 'haawaon mein guzare mausam ki khusboo hai' :-) ) but I can feel it all the time ; people are finding this weather romantic/sexy and wat not, and this slight chill in air brings back many memories; memories that begin but do not end; memories cloud the mind as if I want to keep hearing about them; now I'm not making any sense :-)
this chill brings back....
1) morning assembly at school.
2) going with friends to watch "Ramlila" and feeling 'this' chill while coming back.
3) cribbing abt sun going down early, cutting off playing hours.
4) cold n damp lecture theatres and labs. at college.
5) late-night tea in hostel.

this chill is special, it brightens some dark corners.
this chill is special, it makes my days warm.

Experience teaches us a lot, but life has a way of keeping us constantly challenged by presenting us with fresh, thought-provoking situations.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Now its official, me and Chinese food are not made for each other, no it doesn't gives me stomach pain or makes me sick, it gives me splitting-headache, headache that lasts at least 36 hours, and exactly that happened to me from wednesday afternoon onwards, mom and friends want me to get my eyes checked but I'm sure it has nothing to do with eye-sight; and mom's other theory says it happens coz I don't eat breakfast. :-)***********************************************************************************

Well, I took a leave yesterday and spent whole day at home with mom; I strongly feel "Baghban" movie should be banned here immediately, it makes my mom's imagination work overtime and she imagines weird situations and makes us feel guilty for Amitabh & Hema's plight.

Dad's flight from Dimapur got cancelled yesterday, so now he will go to Guwahati first and from there, will come to Delhi, hopefully will reach by today noon.

And now only Indra Dev can save India in the first test.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

last night watched last 15 minutes of my favorite movie "dil se", amazing climax, amazing ending. too good. again fell in love with it.

at lunch Aussie are one down, well it was a good toss to lose. and good to have Sunil Gavaskar as consultant for the team; without Ponting , I think India have good chance to beat them.
dad is still on his twin tour of Guwahati (Assam) and Dimapur(Nagaland), and will return tomorrow night. no worries.
still struggling with this struts issue, I think I should ask for help from some hardcore java/struts guy, but not now, will give it another try.
Reliance customer care people are just USELESS. They are worse than "sarkari" office people.

now back to work!