Wednesday, October 06, 2004

last night watched last 15 minutes of my favorite movie "dil se", amazing climax, amazing ending. too good. again fell in love with it.

at lunch Aussie are one down, well it was a good toss to lose. and good to have Sunil Gavaskar as consultant for the team; without Ponting , I think India have good chance to beat them.
dad is still on his twin tour of Guwahati (Assam) and Dimapur(Nagaland), and will return tomorrow night. no worries.
still struggling with this struts issue, I think I should ask for help from some hardcore java/struts guy, but not now, will give it another try.
Reliance customer care people are just USELESS. They are worse than "sarkari" office people.

now back to work!


Pallavi said...

Dad is in Dimapur... assam is going through tough times.. worried about parents.. but they are in Guahati ... as of now its chill..

Dil se's Paki pakhi refrain was composed by a friend of mine ;) he is a musician in Mumbai and had worked with Rahman... he eh !!!

Stone said...

Pallavi:: Paakhi-paakhi..pardesiiii..paakhi..oh God , now its playing in my head. :-)

manuscrypts said...

times have changed a lot since u wrote #2 :(

Arunima said...

India continues being stragglers. good movie though not my favourite.I like the choreography of the movie and the title song.
wish u more luck with the customer care people:-)