Friday, October 08, 2004

Now its official, me and Chinese food are not made for each other, no it doesn't gives me stomach pain or makes me sick, it gives me splitting-headache, headache that lasts at least 36 hours, and exactly that happened to me from wednesday afternoon onwards, mom and friends want me to get my eyes checked but I'm sure it has nothing to do with eye-sight; and mom's other theory says it happens coz I don't eat breakfast. :-)***********************************************************************************

Well, I took a leave yesterday and spent whole day at home with mom; I strongly feel "Baghban" movie should be banned here immediately, it makes my mom's imagination work overtime and she imagines weird situations and makes us feel guilty for Amitabh & Hema's plight.

Dad's flight from Dimapur got cancelled yesterday, so now he will go to Guwahati first and from there, will come to Delhi, hopefully will reach by today noon.

And now only Indra Dev can save India in the first test.


Anonymous said...

Crazy_joy says: yaar this Baagban thing definitely shud be banned! after seeing that - all elders start seeing things in thin air and imagining as if everthing happens like that only.

manuscrypts said...

check for specific allergies- like mayb shrimp

Stone said...

spot on...thats exactly what I suspect.

Reshma Sanyal said...

It could also be the pork/seaweed or the zillion other weird ingredients they put into Chinese food. Did you have it from a trusted place? Delhi being a land-locked city, sources of fish etc are rather dubious.

Pallavi said...

well you should avoid it then :)

India is a goner ... :(

Une Femme Folle said...

ditto about Baghban! this movie has been solely responsible for mass parental paranoia!

you dont like Chinese grub???!! *shakes her head in disbelief*

Stone said...

Reshma:: I guess it has to do something with shrimps, I had it at Bercos,Noida.

Pallavi:: Lets hope they do something to cheer about in the next test. I said HOPE.

Hima:: I know it does weird things to me tastes sooo good, thats the whole problem.

... said...

bhagban... man that movie is a pain! it should be banned forthwith. oh, it was nice to watch the first time around, nice as tearjerkers go, but to put oneself through it repeatedly!!....n parents around india seem to think if it can happen to 'parents like amitab n hema' why wont it happen to us, maybe not now...but what if!!
there is such a thing as doing the job TOO well. irritating well!! :S

like the way you post :)

Anonymous said...

Now that's really a pity ... being allergic to chinese food! I'd describe a wonderful day as - breakfast = paratha filled with noodles, lunch = noodles and dinner = again noodles!! :) ha ha ha


Candy said...

Pal u sure it wasn't mexican food! those guys r known for puttin 'secret' ingredients tah surprise ppl ;)

Arunima said...

check our for allergies.
Indradev was on leave:-)

Stone said...

Pramila :: Thanks for stopping by ; and wish u all the luck for ur baby 'smiles across miles'.

Malvika:: U r born in wrong country then :-)

Candy:: It wasn't mexican food for the sure; but I believe most of the ingredients in chinese grub are "mysterious" enuff.

Arunima:: Pathan just hit a six , Yippeeeeeeee,lets hope Indra Dev remains on leave in second test as well :-)