Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Lately, of many things I wanted to do is 'write something' here. I'm not a blog-absconder as wifey calls me.
I'm pretty much here....mostly in silent mode.

Well, now its almost 3 months here, and a lot has changed....probably for better. At the same time, life is settling down to a monotonous routine or I whine too much, or both.

We do not own a car or camera, we do not go anywhere coz` we do not have car, and we do not have camera so we do not go anywhere. And I'm lazy.


hmmm...I have never talked so much with my parents in all my life as I did in these last 3 months, almost daily we talk, and daily our conversation goes like...

Dad: "theekh hai"
me: "haanji theekh hoon"
Dad: "kaam kaisa chal raha hai"
me : "haanji theekh chal raha hai"
Dad: "mann lagakar kaam karna"
me: "haanji..."
me: "...mummy hai?....baat kara dijiye" :-)


Here it seems that wifey is on some sort of mission to make me gain weight in shortest possible time, her culinary experiments are in full swing, resulting in more dishes to be cleaned (by me). Did I mention she is obsessed with capsicums as much as Bubba was with the shrimps in Forrest Gump.


Well, we too watched 'RDB' here, first day 3rd show. To read the review click on the 'next blog' link on the top, as it is everywhere :-)


4-1, is music to my ears :-)
Lot has already been said abt Dhoni, Pathan, Dravid and Yuvi, but surprisingly nobody is givin any credit to Mr.Chappell.
For me it was Chappell's victory over Woolmer.