Sunday, September 12, 2004

Week in nutshell

1) Neeraj is back.
2) Wasted first two days.
3) Had lunch out on 3 days.
4) Purchased VCD of Yuva, yet to see the complete movie.
5) ......................
6) Had a major fight with a STUPID HR person at work.
7) Had an argument with the boss.
8) Resumed playing.
9) Delivered first WO.
10) Didn't ate anything on saturday.

Life is all about fragrances I guess, isn’t it??

shhhkssssssssss...I'm smelling like an agarbathi....
It is damn difficult to change ur deo...after using a particular brand for full 7 years, it’s virtually impossible to find out the right fragrance.

Life is all about fragrances I guess, isn’t it??
Smell of flowers, of freshly painted doors, of nail polish (yes nail polish), hair, smell of a baby(less than 3 yrs old), smell of books, smell of currency, of food (allu-paranthas/biryani/kebabs) :-)

Its all about fragrance, yes its all about fragrances or smells shall I say.

One's smell speaks volumes about the person, smell at their
workstation/ smell of their car smell of their cell phones, smell of their bags.
Choice of their aftershave, deo, hair-conditioner etc etc tell the untold story. Yes, its all about smells..stimulating ones....exhilarating ones....replusive ones.
(my boss’s cabin smells like a pan-shop minus background radio playing some “dhin-chak” song.)

At times it casts a magical spell..sometimes shoots right in the HEAD, killing instantly.
At times unconsciously we end up spending more time than necessary with some one and at times we feel like throwing them out of the window coz of their hell-like-smell, we feel like putting all the available tapes in world, on their mouths.

At times, it makes us assume a lot about someone, and at times all assumptions evaporate after knowing their smell.

hmm smells reminds us of people/places/events...bloody whiff of air has all the power to takes us back to some known or unknown times, willingly or unwillingly.

I read somewhere that its scientifically proved that our body odor reflects our thoughts, brain triggers certain reactions and forms the sweat, or like depends on how brain to reacts to situations/and people.

But why the hell I made the mistake of purchasing this agarbatthi-smell-like deo, or my nostrils gave up after trying sooo many deos and
coaxed me to buy this one.

I’m still smelling like an agarbathi!