Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dunno WHY?

Dunno Y watever work I do here becomes 'super-critical' and 'super-duper urgent'.

Dada is in again, dunno Y? Do they have place in Playing XI? or to accomodate him they can drop Gambhir n ask Yuvi/Dhoni/Pathan to open the inning. In any case Dada's inclusion will put unnecessary pressure on Gambhir/Jaffer/Yuvi/Laxman/Dhoni/Pathan :-) that’s more than half of team :-)

Best solution is to ask Dada to open, or in worse case play him in all matches in any position.... his career will automatically end :-)

Weekend update:

went to a temple at Livermore.
went to a weird place called 'Mystery Spot' near Santa Cruz.
went to Santa Cruz beach.
went to San Francisco downtown, Golden Gate etc.

hmmm..looking forward to another weekend :-)