Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Jelly beans, wtf and surprisingly nobody is making an issue out of it, to me its big issue something as big as ball tampering. Dravid or Borde must lodge their protest about it

What if, a ball pitched on one, would have gone anywhere, and that’s dangerous play and the way Tremlett bowls there was a fair possibility.

Anyways, in end 'Team' managed to win that too without a coach that should settle the debate about coaches.


Dil mein kuch jaltaa hai, shaayad dhuaan dhuaan saa lagata hai
Ankh mein kuch chubhata hai, shaayad sapana koi sulagataa hai

Dil ko foonko aur itna foonko, dard nikal jaaye
Zindagi sulgaao yaaro, gam nikal jaaye

Monday, July 23, 2007

Judgmental Tag

In the days like these, when a lot has been happening and lot hasn't been happening, when the boredom or work took precedence over blogging , came a very different sort of tag from no other than a very good 'old' :-) friend, ex-colleague, mentor, so not doing it was never an option.

It's all about the things/traits/people that force me to be judgmental about them.
Now, as I'm writing this, 'm realizing the how difficult this is turning out to be.

Well, sometimes I'm judgmental, sometimes I'm not, mostly it depends on my mood, and mostly I believe in giving benefit-of-doubt to others that saves me from lots of unnecessary tension but still on some days I'm not that kind.
So there's the list …..

1) I tend to get judgmental about people who overindulge in office parties, or at some else's expense, and do it to the extent of obscene proportions.
2) I get judgmental about people who don't take care of things which they borrow from others.
3) I get judgmental about people who don't adhere to basic norms of personal hygiene.
4) I get judgmental about people who don't return borrowed things.
5) I get judgmental about people who take way too much interest interfere way too much in others lives.

As I'm proceeding further I think I'm getting negative and negative only which is not good. Am I judging myself here. No? :-)
I'm a critic, or like everybody, have an opinion about everything, sports, politics, entertainment whatever, I'm always ready with some 'biased' opinion :-)

6) I'm judgmental about Sourav Ganguly, about almost all music directors, movie directors in positive way for some of them.
7) I get judgmental about people who break or try to break-in the queues on one pretext or another.
8) I get judgment about people who talk loudly on their phones at Public places.
9) I get judgmental about people who listen to Punjabi music.

Above 9 points sum up a lot, that’s fairly a general list, not in any particular order.
Well, now the tagging part, anyone who has been short of ideas or just plain lazy like me, can take this tag and kill some time bashing others :-)

Now, I can jump to my favorite topic ‘CRICKET’ :-) , at last Rain-Gods showered mercy on us and turned our team from a bunch of Unlucky Alis to Lucky Alis :-)

Btw, this blog turned 3 earlier this month!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

such is life...perhaps

Trouble with having a 4 days vacation is that one is in more need of a vacation when it ends; especially if you were behind the wheels for close to 1000 miles in 4 days.

Past 4 weeks flew past as swiftly as past 4 days of road trip; parents, sister and niece came and now they’ll leave tomorrow and I feel guilty of not spending any quality time with them.

Long time back, hmm 10 years to be precise, I once said to a friend – “people have some talent to express themselves, some write good poetry, some are good singers, or can weave web of words to really mesmerize others, like‘ve a way or two to stand out and there are some who when asked couldn’t even tell directions properly even if they’ve been traveling on same route all their lives….” and perhaps I belong to second group of people.

It’s going to be same scene as it was when I came back after 4 weeks vacation at home, coincidently they too are leaving after 4 weeks here, it going to emotional, mom will cry openly, sister will cry quietly; Dad and I will not look in each other’s eyes.