Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Jelly beans, wtf and surprisingly nobody is making an issue out of it, to me its big issue something as big as ball tampering. Dravid or Borde must lodge their protest about it

What if, a ball pitched on one, would have gone anywhere, and that’s dangerous play and the way Tremlett bowls there was a fair possibility.

Anyways, in end 'Team' managed to win that too without a coach that should settle the debate about coaches.


Dil mein kuch jaltaa hai, shaayad dhuaan dhuaan saa lagata hai
Ankh mein kuch chubhata hai, shaayad sapana koi sulagataa hai

Dil ko foonko aur itna foonko, dard nikal jaaye
Zindagi sulgaao yaaro, gam nikal jaaye


Parth said...

Totally thrilled to go up 1-0, followed the match on a day to day basis. Hope we don't do our usual pattern of losing the next one, we really need to win this series.

manuscrypts said...

got us a win, so i am cool.... :)

Stone said...

@@Parth:: This time they barely managed to foil the tradition of losing first test-match, then playing catch-up cricket in rest of series...hmm though they changed that trend in SA but got so carried away and lost next two.

Let’s hope, they play with same intensity and don't fall to good ole trap of leniency.

@@Manu:: how how tell tell :-)

Parth said...


The genius of the man

shub said...

"What if, a ball pitched on one, would have gone anywhere"
Exaactly my sentiments.
And I only wish we can snub the Aussies similarly, one day :D

Arunima said...

yes, we won we won we won!

I read about the jelly beans in the papers but did not witness the match. Cricket is not so interesting anymore but like Shub, I wish we beat Australia.

Congrats on turning 3.

Stone said...

@@Parth:: He is GOD, trouble is that every time we expect him to score a 100 or save the game; agreed his record is not good in critical games or situations but anyways no one else performs in those conditions.

I'm sure Sidebottom will learn something from that spell, the difference between average batsman and the master himself.

@@Shub:: Ya, that was against the spirit of game, and you know sugar-coated saliva helps in retaining the shine of ball for longer period.

@@Arunima:: Thats everyone's desire to beat them but not that easy :-)

dobereinerr said...

The English are such sore losers. The jelly beans were meant to insult Zaheer. Alleging that the prodigious swing had all to do with the jelly bean/saliva, rather than his own ability. (Bowlers in the English County are known to resort to such tactics)

Fun part was when Zaheer bowled to Alistair Cook in the 2nd inning, he asked him, "You thought I was bowling jelly beans?!"

I personally loved Matt Prior's dismissal the most. An Indian pace bowler ripping out the opposite batsman's middle stump is a sight straight from cricketing heaven!

N yus, SACHIN is GOD.