Wednesday, August 08, 2007

As old cliché goes “ When you've nothing to write about...then do photo-posts” -....then this place should have been converted into a full-fledged photo-blog long time back, , but since I already have one (which also is in grand-state of neglect,errr…...that’s another issue...)

Btw, after almost 1 month of hiatus, normal services resumed at home, we had our customary weekend-fight, and ended up doing nothing, just plain-nothing, no-outings anything, during such times we act like radio buttons, I mean we two can't co-exist in same area, i.e. if I'm watching TV then she is surfing, and vice-versa.

This has its side-effects too,
Since you are not in talking-terms that gives whole lot of freedom..Like doing... what you like :-)
And she ends up spending lot of time on phone which is OK except when calls are ISD.

Hmmm I can go on and on but this was supposed to be a photo-post, but don’t have one ready. Hmmm ….some other time.

Now I should take break from it, and do some work…..for a change.

Now my favorite part - cricket, flashback say ODI performace of past 1-1.5 yrs , definitely a bad period , we lost in WI, in DLF cup, SA thrashed us , of course WC debacle, but only guy who showed some maturity or responsibility, was none other than Yuvraj Singh, and in absence of Sehwag was rightly made deputy of Dravid, and then one freak knee injury forced me out of action for one of series, and all that resulted in elevation of Dhoni as Vice Captain.

And now just because of previous sequence of events they’ve preferred Dhoni over Yuvraj as Twent-20 team captain. That’s something baffling.

May be Board want to maintain the tradition of factionalism in Team, just like Kapil/Gavaskar, Azhar/Sachin, Ganguly/Dravid and in future Yuvraj/Dhoni camps.


~nm said...

Hehehe....I was trying to imagine you sulking and I just couldn't help laughing :D

Arunima said...

In times like this, both of you come and read my blog:-)

cheap publicity is also publicity.

Remember, when there is a fight the other person is always wrong and the other person is the husband.

Alapana said...

Yes,Yes,Yes,Its always the Husband who is at fault,he is mean and men are all mean for that matter:D and i don't forget to use that line whenever we have those Not_So_Silly_When_They_Happen kind of fights which happen on weekends specially;p and he is always in front of the TV and i am surfing and then so much of time wastage, why do men do it? why sulk? they can come to truce sooner isn't it?? Ok,ok,I do agree that we wont talk or compromise or throw things when he comes to talk or then we sulk a little more but then why can't they try some more;p
Now,i feel much better saying it at your blog and i know your wifey is with me in all this,Its such a relief to take it out here:)

Parth said...

Nice start on day 1. Hope Sachin gets his ton here, and more importantly, we post 450 upwards. That will put a lot of pressure on England.

Parth said...

Ya, I think Sachin's batting intelligently. He understands that the only way for India to go in this test is to not have to bat a second time. Double or not, if he survives till tea tomorrow, we'll be home and dry. I am sick of all the criticism. You have to admire the man's guts. He is facing upto the fact that he can't bat like before and is prepared to grind it out for the team.

Stone said...

@@~nm:: not exactly sulking, its not everyday one get hold of remote for whole day :-)

@@Arunima:: Ahh I wonder who started such adages...though unfortunately thats sooo true!!

@@Alapana:: hahahaha....ya true, its always husbands who makes the first move for truce, afterall they're wiser.

@@Parth:: Sachin is Sachin, he has been shouldering the burden for 17 yrs, and there bound be some changes in his approach, and still he is the BEST.