Monday, August 13, 2007

'Recently Seen movies'

'Recently Seen movies' section on left of this page, tells the story of my weekend, ohh yes, I saw 4 movies, 2 at movie hall and two at home.

Well, on friday night we went for 12-3AM show of 'Chak De India', it was very much worth going there so late, and coming back home ard 3:30am, it was one of the impulsive plan, ard 10 after finishing dinner I asked wifey....'Chak De dekhni hai..', and immediately we left home only to find 11pm show sold-out, but we gladly settled for midnight show.

If you like sports-themed movie, if you like SRK (even after KANK), then this one is for you, marks the return of SRK, he gave solid restrained performance.

It was a interesting presentation of a predictable storyline, well like I always say people like two kinds of with which one can relate with, another which are out and out fantasy be it over-the-top action thriller or some unimaginable sci-fi types.

To me, this brought back the memories of school days, our school was among BEST in India those days, infact hockey was the only sport our team was good at. I grew up watching(/playing) so many matches in Shivaji Stadium or going to 'stadium' (as we used to call it) was a daily ritual which I followed for don't know how many years.

Sometimes before some big tournament Indian team used to practice there, and watching them play in an empty stadium was so amazing, so unreal, all players were so approachable, forget media they never even required any security, no police nothing, and one can even go seat next to Pargat Singh or talk with Vivek Singh, Sujit Kumar, R.P Singh, Great Mohd. Shahid, Thoeiba Singh etc.

Hockey is a different world altogether.

It is heartening to see some director choosing this subject, and delivering it with perfection. Seems that after the success of Khosla ka Gosla, the stature of Jaideep Sahani has grown, and now he seems to have final word on his scripts.. not the director not the editor.

Best part about his writing is the language he uses, which is so refreshing, that sets the immediate connection, good to see people talking in normal-typical delhi-ki-language :-)

A welcome break from 'bambaiya-type' or 'heavy-duty' dialogues.

Now I’m so bored, don’t even want to think about Bourne Ultimatum.

And before I forget…., ex-girlfriend wifey bought me this and I'm lovin it :-)


~nm said...

It sure was a great movie too! Ater a long time a movie with a difference!

I also LOVED it despite the fact that I could predict what will happen in the end. It sure is a 'Must-watch' movie!

Parth said...

Chak De India is still on my list. Nice to see someone grow up with hockey being part of school culture. Where I went, it was cricket all the way. Nice watch btw :-)

Alapana said...

Hmmm,If not Cricket then it is Hockey;p But yes,enjoyed the post,I am going to Hyderabad next weekend and there with my friends i am going to watch this movie:)
Nice watch,I tell you,women are so sensible and give such nice gifts,its only men who have no idea what to gift to whom:D

burf said...

funny last line

somehow my outlook towards the movie is changing... i might see it

shub said...

Hate SRK, but mercifully there wasn't too much of him in the movie. Loved it.

Stone said...

@@~nm:: True, a different subject!!

@@Parth:: You know what, I grew up with hockey-culture but played soccer for school team :-)

@@Alapana:: Ya, you're right, she made the sensible choice of marrying me ;-) , and do I need to say more :-)

@@Burf:: Check it India :-)

@@Shub:: I knew that :-)