Thursday, December 13, 2007

Repeating Mistake….Doubling misery!!

First mistake was to drop him from test-team, and second mistake was to include him again in 20-20 and subsequent ODI series, and now they’ve committed the BIGGEST mistake of all by again including him Australia tour.

They say, it is a risk and everyone is a risk.

Agreed role of an opener is evolving, sometime he needs to play fast, but his primary role remains see the shine off new ball, build a platform from where middle order can further build the inning.

In case of Sehwag, he cannot play role of sheet-anchor, he cannot play defensively, and when he scores run he scores at a good pace, say he scores a quick fifty gets out, and that means still exposing middle order batsmen to new ball.

Agreed his century is different from other batsman’s century but how many time has he done that?

Once or twice??

Life is like........

...playing chess against a computer!