Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh yeah, a lot is happening at my end, but it’s just that I’m not updating it here.
And this is not about all that. Few weeks more that’s it.

At other fronts, it’s pretty much mundane, same story as usual, losing hair, and teeth enamel. Gross I know.
Also nails are turning brittle clearly suggesting lack of calcium intake, and I’m so glad my mom doesn’t know all this.
While we’re at it, though weighing scale shows couple of kilos less, but waist line refuses to budge. Yeah, clearly a victim of weapons of mass destruction here aka cheese and soda.

On another useless note, I'm listening to songs of movie 'Dhun'..remember anyone? Talat Aziz's launch vehicle as hero against Sangeeta Bijlani, which never got released :-)

Ahh Sangeeta Bijlani another interestingly useless topic...well let's leave her for some other day ;-)