Thursday, February 17, 2005


Past 15 months report card.

  • B1/B2 for a year.
  • Individual excellency award.
  • Increment and promotion.
  • H1B for 3 years.
  • Second Increment.
I'm bit scared.....hmmm but will overcome.


You Are the Peacemaker


You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.

Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.

You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.

Avoiding conflict at all costs, you're content when things are calm.


Neelaam ho raha tha...ek naazneen ka pyaar....
keemat chukaee na gayee ek gareeb sey...

Dekha hai zindagi ko kuch itna kareeb sey...