Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Same story....

I guess, it's time to shake the squad, and pull certain guys out of their comfort zone; make them realize that they do not select themselves anymore

First in line is Yuvraj Singh -
It's high time to drop Yuvraj; He has been playing International cricket for 10 years now, and still he behaves like a baby, like a newcomer; He hasn't learned to be a responsible player. Imagine you're around for 10 yrs and still not considered for captaincy. He is nothing but pampered poster boy of Indian Cricket whose focus is clearly somewhere else.

Second one is Harbhajan Singh; yes you heard it right, agreed he was the most economical bowler in just concluded WC but keep in mind in all 5 matches he didn't pick a SINGLE wicket.
Being economical is good only if bowler at the other end utilizes the opportunity to do some damage, but bowler at other end used to be either Nehra or out of form Zaheer who were contented by their mediocre performance, & didn't go for the kill.
20-20 is out and out batsman's game, so bowling a tight spell (which is like run-a-ball in this case) doesn't help much, coz in the end cushion of having wickets in hands helps a lot.

Moving to Murli Vijay, I seriously question his selection? One good IPL season and you're in.
C'mon deciding team on IPL performance is a joke, the biggest mistakes BCCI has made. Whole IPL format is flawed, one team can have only 4 foreign players and most teams prefer out and out batsman like Hayden/Smith/Taylor or bits n pieces players like Symonds/Mathews, and that leaves bowling department very very weak.
So in most of the matches bowling is done by local players like Harmeet Singh etc etc and making tons of runs against weak bowling attack on lifeless pitches in smaller grounds doesn't reflect correct picture.

Most importantly, hiding the in-form batsman Rohit Sharma at no. 7 in the most crucial match is mind boggling. Agreed he is a shaky starter (just like everyone) but once settled he can do some serious damage.

Game after game selection of Ravinder Jadeja was most comical, and will hurt him for a long time. It looked like this boy was seriously pissed off by BCCI for banning him from playing in IPL this season.

Then we have a curious case of Yusuf Pathan, this Pathan can hit longgggg distance but mostly vertical instead of horizontal; Agreed he comes way down the order but still that's the position he is supposed pull out something magical other than his usual run a ball or 12 from 9 balls knocks, which are only good for his SR.

Selection of Piyush Chawla over Pragyan Ojha is another great mystery, just like selection of Murli Vijay over Virat Kohli/Robin Uthapa.

Khair, ab bas karta hoon, I'm tired of all this nonsense.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hmm...cool......hmm interesting......hmmm scary

Friday, May 07, 2010

In continuation of previous post....

Here's my semis line up -

South Africa Vs India
Australia Vs England.