Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hamid Manzil, Rampur Raza Library.

If you have slightest of interest in calligraphy, old and rare manuscripts then this is a must visit place. And for new manuscrypts , this is the place.

One distinct feature of this building is it's architecture, all 4 floors of surrounding minarets have 4 different styles.

Although I don’t have any such interest, but in Feb last year, we stopped there on our way to “Golu Devta Temple”, Almora.

Ahh, now don’t ask me, why suddenly after more than a year I’m talking about this, coz’ even I don’t know :-)


My very-short-attention span and multi-tasking disorder is hitting new lows. Be at work, or at home, I find myself juggling between at least 3-4 things. For example, while eating lunch/dinner, there should be something to read, old new paper, new news paper or any damn printed material, TV should be on, and when that becomes boring, TV goes on mute, I switch on some music and that’s also the time to make/take some calls.

Now I’m bored.


Bas 5 din 6 raatein aur and phir I N D I A.