Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update..sort of

Well, this week completed two years here.
Journey has been good so far, met numerous new people, and made some good friends.
Before I get carried away, let’s change the topic.

This thanksgiving long weekend we went to Las Vegas, unlike last time when we did some crazy futile mall hopping.
We learnt our lesson then, and planned our trip well in advance.

This was our longest road trip, we started on Thursday morning and reached Vegas by 5ish in evening, drive was a breeze not at all tiring. Though the drive back was a disaster, almost everyone was leaving Vegas on Sunday noon, in 6 hours we covered just 180 miles, and total back-journey took little more than 13 hrs, that is more than 4 hrs normal.

Well, in between, 3 nights (till early morning) were spent in various casinos, and that was some experience, straight-out of fantasy. In fact the whole place bears no semblance to sanity.

Its crazy crazy out there. All casinos/hotels are based on different themes, one where we stayed was based on Egyptian theme, it looked like a huge Pyramid, and inside be it restrooms or elevators…every nook and corner was studded with some form of Egyptian architecture.

All major ones are located on the main street, so rightly called ‘The Strip’, within a stretch of 3 miles; one can see the replicas of Eiffel tower/NY skyline/Brooklyn bridge/Statue of Liberty etc etc.
Inside they all smelt same, that same strange concoction of smoke and alcohol in various forms.

** I started this more than a week back, and forgot to finish, so again finishing it my trademark abrupt manner.

Hmmm….btw, wifey cooks most fantabulous food whenever she is not in talking terms with me.

Don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad ;-)