Monday, November 06, 2006


Don ka review likhna mushkil hi mumkin hai....kyuki kuch yaad hi nahi rehta :-)

Total masala, total yaari-dosti type movie, SRK recommending Priyanka, Arjun of his Temptation troupe..and Farhan giving work to his friends..

Music was on weaker side, Shankar Mahdevan's voice was medicore in 'Ganpati' song, someone with heavy voice like Rathod or Amit Kumar would have done a better job!!

And I'm 200% sure nobody can write a complete review or more than 10 lines about storyline!
All I can remember is that it started with Chunky and ended with Isha, with lots of useless characters like Kareena/Rampal/Om Puri and equally useless songs thrown in.
Almost all songs were picturized as stage shows; Kareena's number was worst and SRK 'Paan' song was best choreographed.

Only saving grace was the background music, coz that was remix of older version.

After KANK, and now Don, I'm convinced that SRK is no longer an actor, he is simply SRK in his movies not the character, but just larger-than-life SRK himself.
Its time he and his director-friends realize that and stop him from heading towards Dada's fate.

In all, a gamble that didn't pay off; still a risk-worth taking, a failed experiment by Farhan, anyways every time he cannot deliver a DCH or Lakshaya, but still he managed to remain in the elite league. From a 'male-bonding story' to a 'love-story in war-background', and to a 'classic-remake', now lets wait what he comes up with next!